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Current Projects 2012
South Sequim Avenue Pavement Repair
The City of Sequim repaired damaged roadway sections on South Sequim Avenue (between Washington Street and Hammond Street) in 2011. The City will continue improving South Sequim Avenue by replacing the current 6-inch water main to a new 10-inch water main (from the intersection of Washington Street and Sequim Avenue to West Bell Street). The City will also upgrade the sidewalk to ADA standards and overlay the street from the intersection of Washington Street and South Sequim Avenue to Hammond Street. The construction of the project will be predominately performed during the hours 7 p.m. to 6 a.m.


The City of Sequim has upgraded the traffic detection system at the intersection of Sequim Avenue and Washington Street. The traffic sensor loops that were under the pavement are being replaced by a video traffic detection system.

The video cameras on the traffic detection system sense the traffic and regulate the lights to the amount of traffic on the road. The video sensed by the cameras are in real time, and nothing is actually recorded, nor is the cameras capable of detecting speed.

Advantages to using a video traffic detection system are increased reliability with less opportunity for damage to the equipment. The cameras are more flexible and can be redirected if an intersection changes. They are more sensitive and will register all vehicles, where traffic sensor loops can sometimes miss lighter vehicles, and they will provide exact counts which will assist in future planning.

North 7th Avenue Rehabililtation
The City of Sequim has elected to rehabilitate North 7th Avenue (from West Washington Street to West Fir Street). The first portion of the project between East Fir Street and East Spruce street includes overlaying the street, repairing the storm drain and reparing the sidewalk ramps to ADA compliance. The remaining section of North 7th Avenue is part of the 2012 Bituminous Surface Treatment project (between West Spruce Street and West Washington Street) will also be overlayed.

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North Rhodefer Road Bituminous Surface Treatment
North Rhodefer Road
The City of Sequim has elected to complete the North Rhodefer Road improvements that were started in 2011. Completion of the project includes the application of Bituminous Surface Treament (BST) also commonly known as chip seal. The project will improve the quality of the roadway leading up to the entrance of the new play fields of the Re-use Demonstration Park. This project is expected to commence in 2013.

Washington Street Pedestrian Sidewalks
Washington Street Sidewalks
The City of Sequim will begin sidewalk ramp and driveway rehabilitation to bring the pedestrian facilities on Washington Street into ADA compliance. The rehabilitation of the sidewalks will occur on East Washington Street from Brown Road to Dunlap Road. This project is expected to commence in 2013.

Oakwood Drive
Oakwood Drive
The City of Sequim elects to repair utility trench cuts in the Oakwood Drive cul-de-sac from East Hendrickson Road to the end of the cul-de-sac. Pavement is failing in the approximate location of a sanitary sewer line as well as driveways and sidewalk. The project will excavate the existing trench material and replace it with compacted material and restore the roadway surface over the trenches.