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2013 Projects
3rd Avenue Pathway
The new S. 3rd Avenue Pathway
The City of Sequim has elected to construct a 6-foot asphalt pathway on the East side of South 3rd Avenue between West Brownfield Road and West Reservoir Road. The length of the pathway would approximately be 2,500 feet long. This pathway would ensure a safe pedestrian walkway for the residents that live in the vicinity.

North 7th Avenue ADA Ramp Improvments
The new ADA Ramp on N. 7th Ave.
The City of Sequim is required to bring the North 7th Avenue sidewalk ramps, between West Washington Street and West Spruce Street into ADA compliance. This is a WSDOT requirement that was in effect after North 7th Avenue was changed from Bituminous Surface Treatment to Pavement Overlay in October of 2012.

East Fir Street ADA Ramp Improvements
East Fir Street Sidewalks
The City of Sequim has elected to bring the sidewalk ramps into ADA compliance along East Fir Street, beginning at North Blake Avenue.

East Washington Street ADA Ramp Improvements
The new sidewalk ramp-E. Washington and Dunlap Ave.
The City of Sequim has elected to bring the sidewalk ramps along East Washington Street, between North Dunlap Avenue and North Brown Road into ADA compliance.

2013 Pavement Preservation Project
West Prairie Road (between S. 5th Ave. and S. 7th Ave.)
The City of Sequim has elected to rehabilitate West Maple Street (between 3rd and 4th avenue), West Prairie Street (between 7th and 5th avenue), and South 3rd Avenue (between West Hemlock Street and West Prairie Street). Pavement rehabilitation includes overlaying, subgrade repair, and Bituminous Surface Treatment, commonly known as Chip Seal. The City utilized the pavement management system; Streetsaver to determine which streets to select for rehabilitation

Carrie Blake Park Entrance
Guy Cole_thumb.png
Figure 1
The City of Sequim is planning to add a road entrance, construct a parking lot, and overlay the existing Guy Cole Convention Center parking for Carrie Blake Park. This project has been broken down into three phases:
    • Phase 1: The first phase of this project (denoted in Blue on Fig. 1) consists of constructing a road that will relocate the existing park entrance to the south portion of the skate park, while connecting it to the Guy Cole Convention parking lot.
    • Phase 2: The second phase of this project (denoted in Green on Fig. 1) consists of constructing a 40,000 square feet parking lot adjacent to the east side of the skate park.
    • Phase 3: The third phase of the project (denoted in Red on Fig.1) consists of overlaying the existing parking lot at the Guy Cole Convention Center.

    Infiltration Basin Facility
    Reuse Demonstration Park
    The City of Sequim was awarded a grant from the Department of Ecology in 2008 for Design of Reuse Site Improvements and Distribution System Expansion. This portion of the Grant is to construct infiltration basin, monitoring well, reclaimed water piping, and upgrades to the existing electrical system located at the Reuse Demonstration Park. The infiltration basin will act as an aquifer-recharge system by conveying the excess reclaimed water from the waste water treatment facility.

    On January 28, 2013 the Sequim City Council awarded Kamin Excavation a contract to construct the Linear Infiltration Trench and Basin project for $274,790.50. Kamin Excavation began the construction of this project March 6, 2013. The hours of construction is between 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. The project is expected to take approximately twelve weeks to complete.