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January 2018
Week Ending January 12

Here are this week’s items:

Council Follow-Up

- Remote Working Study – We recently received a small Port of Port Angeles grant to work with the EDC on a remote worker study for the Sequim area. We are going to approach OMC to see if they’ll match it, considering that they have issues with doctors accepting positions given limited positions for trailing partners (promoting/supporting more remote working could be a partial solution to this problem). Our study will evaluate gaps in infrastructure. We are seeking an external research partner to conduct it for us.

- Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe Sewer Connection – We’ve been in active negotiations again since early fall and are getting close to a complete contract. I’m anticipating that we’ll have something for your consideration late in the first quarter or early in the second quarter. One unresolved issue remaining involves connection charges. We are working to keep this agreement consistent with the Carlsborg agreement, wherever possible.

- AWC Legislative Action Days – Plans are set for Action Days, occurring next week (1/23 through 1/25). Historically we’ve had a joint dinner or meeting with the cities of Port Angeles and Port Townsend. This year, we’ve carved out some time for ourselves to meet with a couple of our legislators. In years past, we were finding that we did not have enough “air time” in the joint meetings to really converse with our delegation on our issues. Thanks go to Joe Irvin for his efforts in organizing us this year.

- ServiceFest Execution – We are beginning weekly meetings of our committee this week to plan ServiceFest in detail. We’ve got a list of projects, have confirmed that we’ll have Peter Kageyama For the Love of Cities, joining us again for the first couple of days, have 8 of our 20 Habitat Care-a-Vaners confirmed, recently engaged in a helpful discussion with the Kettering Foundation  where they’ve offered us some additional resources, and have determined that ServiceFest represents a perfect opportunity to exercise the National Incident Management System for planning and execution. I anticipate another round of neighborhood meetings to confirm projects before the event in early June. We’ll keep you posted.

- Council Mentor/Mentor Relationship Established – This concept, of mentor/mentor, came out of a book that I just completed called Turn the Ship Around, by David Marquet.  Councilor Bob Lake has agreed to work with newly selected Councilor Jennifer States as a mentor. The book describes the mentoring relationship differently than typical (mentor/mentee), acknowledging that Bob will learn from Jennifer as well. Bob identified this in agreeing to be a mentor. The book is a great read and we are applying a lot from it here internally.

- Leadership ICMA Presentation – We’ll be making our pitch to the Leadership ICMA Class of 2018, which includes Joe Irvin, to complete a capstone project here in Sequim. If completed, the project would help us revamp our code enforcement operations. Our project proposal is attached and work would be completed in quarters 1-2. I completed one of these, as a part of the program, in 2008. We should know this week if we’ve been selected.

Related Items

- Old Baja Cantina Sign Removal Update – We continue to work on this issue with the property owner. It requires a bucket truck. While our code calls for 45 days to remove a former business’ sign, given case law they have at least a year to comply. We are seeking voluntary compliance weekly related to the complaint we received. I will provide an update this week to the person who reported this issue to us in 2017.

- Planning Calendar and Draft 1/22 Agenda – Was attached

- Stock Plans Innovation – The Community Development Department continues to look for ways to streamline the permitting process. This time, they’ve developed a procedure for a “Stock Plan” review where the same floorplan (house) is submitted more than once in the same approved subdivision. When this occurs, the plans now go through a streamlined review process than our previous standard process. This new multi-department review process initiated from Ann Hall using our 2nd Floor idea board.

- National Civic League – We were approached late last year about joining the National Civic League and we’ve been study at what level of membership to engage. The National Civic League is working with a number of active cities at the Alliance for Innovation and with the Kettering Foundation. A couple of the benefits of membership are technical assistance from Civic League staff and access to a wealth of case studies on civic engagement. Once we’ve completed our analysis, we’ll let you know what we plan to do. The costs of membership are relatively low but we want to make sure that we can commit to engaging at the level of membership we purchase before we do it.


Charlie Bush

Week Ending January 5

Here are this week’s items:

Council Follow-Through

- Monthly Meeting with Commissioner Ozias – Mayor Smith and I had our monthly meeting with Commissioner Ozias on Thursday morning. We discussed city/county collaboration, communication, and Sequim’s regional agenda.

- Opportunity Fund Balance – I received the attached update from Jim Jones this week regarding the County’s Opportunity Fund.

- Homelessness Report – The attached email includes a report from HUD regarding the 2017 Point in Time Homelessness count.

Related Items

- Downtown Trees – We spent time this fall meeting with an arborist and again with Downtown business owners and the arborist to discuss trees of concern on Washington Street brought to our attention by Downtown businesses. Everyone has agreed that doing some selective pruning is a sensible next step. Pruning will occur as the trees leaf out this spring. We’ve focused on Washington from Sunnyside to 2nd for this work and the arborist will be training our staff regarding how to prune these trees in the future as a part of this work.

- King 5 Disaster Preparedness Story – This ran on King 5 back in November, related to our well regarded disaster preparedness efforts here on the Peninsula. If you have trouble loading it, please turn down the quality. We are widely recognized as the best prepared city on the Peninsula and have used our monthly meetings to help propel regional collaboration. 

- Sequim Botanical Garden Video – This video, which does a nice job of telling the story of the Garden, comes to us from students at Peninsula College and Faculty Member Renee Emiko Brock. Please note the railings at the Garden as well. They were constructed by Public Works employees in the past couple of years.

- Cross Training of Staff Between Departments – We’ve been cross training office staff between Finance and other Departments to provide more citywide customer service depth. You may see some faces in different places from time to time. Kudos go to our staff and departments for their open minds, initiative, focus on our customers, and willingness to be flexible! This was not something dictated by the City Manager’s Office. It was a choice made entirely by employees and departments to collaborate for the greater good.

- Winter Road Operations – Kudos as well to Ty Brown and the rest of the Public Works Crew on an awesome job over the holidays with our city roads! The Mayor received several compliments, I got one this week, and we got the attached message on Christmas from Sergeant Dave Campbell, in the Police Department. Thanks to you as well Council for supporting our operations with the necessary equipment and supplies to do a fantastic job for the community! You may not be aware that we’ve been collaborating with Port Angeles this winter, sharing notes on winter road operations and jointly buying supplies. We are refining a model for winter weather that will optimize road treatments, using data and our experience. We are looking to minimize impacts to the environment while maximizing impacts to the roads.

- Council Agenda Planning Calendar – Was attached

- John Miller’s Sequim Memorial Service – This is a reminder that the service for John in Sequim is tomorrow from 2-3 PM at Sequim Community Church. I plan to attend.

Regional Affairs

- Serenity House Homeless Shelter Funding – You will recall that we sent a letter to the County Commissioners in December about funding the shelter. They were responsive to the letter by allowing Serenity House to spend allocated funds on any of their requested projects, which includes the shelter.

- Letter to Clallam County Regarding Direct Filing – You will recall that we also sent a letter to the County in December about Judge Porter’s decision to change the filing process for cases in District Court. The City of Port Angeles joined us with concerns about this change and Judge Porter has since modified his position in ways that are not as problematic for either city.

Charlie’s Schedule

- University of Washington Evans’ School Master of Public Administration Class – I’ll be team teaching an evening class at the University of Washington in Seattle on Wednesday, 1/24. The topic is “A day in the life of a City Manager”. I’ll be gone from Sequim that day starting in the early afternoon.

- Alliance for Innovation Workforce of the Future Workshop - I’ll be at this workshop in Kitsap County on 1/30. I’m introducing the session on behalf of the Alliance for Innovation Board of Directors and get free admission. Patrick Ibarra is well regarded, I’ve seen him speak on other topics before, and I’m excited to bring back information from this talk.


Charlie Bush