September 2021

week ending september 24

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 Saturday, September 25, 2021, Volume 18 of the Sequim Snapshot is below. Please let me know if there is a topic of interest that you would like to see in future editions. 

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Carrie Blake Park was chosen as the Best Local Park on the Peninsula receiving 1st Place in the Best of the Peninsula competition put on by the Sequim Gazette and the PDN.

 Thank you to those who work to make the Park a success on a daily basis! Staff, partners, volunteers – what an amazing place we have in our small town of 8,020!

 Parks Maintenance Worker Gary Butler stated, “As parks maintenance worker, I am honored by this award and grateful to have a great crew around me to help make this happen! Many thanks to team members Mike Latimer,  Roger Gilchrist, Jeremy Crenshaw, Thomas McCullouch,  and Cindy Budd. We all have the same vision for park improvement and beautification  and will continue to improve Carrie Blake Park in the future!”


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Follow the latest Clallam County Coronavirus Updates

 As of September 24, Clallam County currently sits at 63.1% of the population receiving at least the first dose and 58% are fully vaccinated.  


 Clallam County has confirmed 4,059total cases with the case rate at 955/100,000 population in the last 14 days and a 18.9% positivity rate. Positivity rates are measurements to show the percentage of people who are getting tested and the tests coming back positive. There are currently 8 people hospitalized and 46 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. Out of the total number of infections, 84% of the total are from unvaccinated individuals and 16% from vaccinated. 

 Notes from the City’s Emergency Management Coordinator from Friday's COVID-19 briefing with Dr. Berry

 In total, Clallam County has 4,059 cases to date.  Some positive news, the current case rate has been slowly declining and is now 955/100,000 population in the last 14 days.  Hospitalizations are beginning to decline as well as we have eight in the hospital currently.  Long-term-care facilities that have been experiencing outbreaks are now starting to slow down but these outbreaks have caused the breakthrough case rate to be 16%.  Clallam Bay Correctional Facility is experiencing a large outbreak with 33 staff members infected and 91 inmates infected as well.  Support to the correctional facility is being handled by the state DOH.  Dr. Berry mentioned that her health orders are beginning to pay off as we see case rates decline.  Schools are doing a good job with guidance and practices with only one student in the entire county being infected in a classroom setting and small infection clusters within indoor school sports.  

 Some news this week has been the talk about boosters.  Dr. Berry mentioned that specific guidance and information will be available to the public early next week.  In general, the guidance will more than likely look like those who are 65 and older or those with chronic illnesses that make them more susceptible to severe reactions to the virus will be eligible for the booster.  Also, out of the eligible population, only those who received the Pfizer vaccine will be able to get this booster for now.  Boosters will need an approval from the Western States Conference and the Washington State Department of Health before eligible folks can begin receiving them.  

 Dr. Berry said that we are at a turning point where we can see cases, deaths, and hospitalizations declining, but she re-emphasized that complacency is what could restart this cycle once again.  

 As always if you have any questions for Dr. Berry, please email Undersheriff Ron Cameron at: and he will gladly forward them to her.  

 Clallam County Public Health Video: Stop the Spread – Get Vaccinated Today

 For more data see the Washington State COVID-19 Data Dashboard.


Projects that are currently under review by the Planning Division can be found on the Current Development webpage. 

 If you would like to track types of permits issued see the Monthly Building Permit Reports. These reports feature the issued building permits. Current building permits under review will not show up in this report until they are issued. Year to Date Construction Activity Data Reports show total permit activity, type of construction, if it is new or a remodel and the breakdown of fees paid. 


Current Job Openings

The City is currently hiring for:

  • The Parks and Facilities Manager is open for new applicants until 9/30.
  • The Associate Planner position is open for new applicants until 9/15. 
  • Water Reclamation Facility Lead Operator in the Public Works Department. This position is open until filled and is scheduled to begin in January 2022.
  • NEW! – Water Reclamation Facility Operator in the Public Works Department. This position is open until filled.
  • Police Officer in the Police Department. This position is open until filled.
  • Associate Engineer, Project Engineer and Engineering Project Manager: These positions are open until filled. 
  • City Engineer: This positions are open until filled.

 Note: There is one vacancy in Public Works Engineering. The position will be filled by an Associate Engineer, Project Engineer, or Engineer Project Manager, depending on candidate qualifications.


Washington Street Signal Upgrades

On Monday, the Washington St Signal Upgrades (Sequim Avenue and 3rd Avenue) project began advertisement for construction bids which are due from contractors on October 12.

 This project aims to provide improved vehicle and pedestrian mobility in downtown by replacing the traffic signal cabinets from 1986 at both intersections with new cabinets and controllers (the brain of the signal).  The cabinets have reached the end of their useful life which is typically about 30 years for a cabinet. There will also be new count-down pedestrian crossing signals and audible push buttons to help the visually impaired navigate the crossings. Lastly, a flashing yellow phase will be added to the left-turn movements to allow “yield” left-turns (also called a permissive left-turn) to be made when there are gaps in the oncoming traffic. Doing so will improve the operation at the signals by reducing the time left-turns have to wait.

 The estimated cost range for this project is $375,000-$475,000.

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