High Schools of the Olympic Peninsula Creative Crafts & Art Exhibit

An inclusive show for any student who wants to create!

SUBMISSIONS - Submission Deadline is February 11, 2022
City of Sequim Arts Advisory Commission (CAAC) members are excited to introduce the High Schools of Olympic Peninsula Creative Crafts & Art Exhibit. The exhibit’s mandate is to showcase any high school student’s personal form of art. By this we mean to include all forms of crafting and art making, from macrame to metal work, and painting to pottery.  We are of the mind that any form of creative expression is art, and we do not want to limit any young person’s creative endeavor to a definition.  There are, however, some limiting factors, such as no perishable objects, and no video or digitally presented work will be accepted, as display can only be in solid form.

Photographs of art or craft work will need to be submitted through JotForm.   If your work is two dimensional then one photograph will suffice, all others will need up to three photographs so we will be able to see it from different perspectives.  Please make sure to fill out all information on the JotForm including your school’s name, size of your work, material constructed from and how we can get in touch with you. You may submit up to three works to be juried but each work will require that you fill out separate submittal forms.  The JotForm window is now active and will remain open for submissions  through February 11, 2022. 

Your work will be juried February 22, 2022, by a group composed of members of Sequim’s City Arts Advisory Commission and volunteers. The work will be juried according to the following criteria:
Use of Materials: Are the materials put to their best use for the piece? Do the materials enhance or distract from the piece? Are materials used in a creative or unusual way?
Quality of Work: Has the artisan considered the overall piece in terms of details such as where two materials are joined or how each edge is handled. Difficult medium will be appropriately noted, and allowances made in this category.
Creativity: This category is very broad and flexible but might include questions like: Has some element in the work been used in an unusual way that enhances the overall appearance? Has emotion been created somehow? Does it have that “Wow” factor?
Criteria for Non-acceptance of Artwork
-           Faults of design or workmanship pose a public health or life safety hazard or diminish the value of the work
-           The artwork is fraudulent, inauthentic and/or appears to be of inferior quality relative to the quality of other works in the art collection.
-           The artwork is not the original.
-           Inappropriate and incompatible artwork is defined as political art, sexually suggestive art, religious art, violent art, nudity, and derogatory art against race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, or other person or class of people protected under RCW 49.60.030.

The show will run from March 4 through the end of April 2022. Due to the restrictions and limitations on gatherings we will have a digital showing at Sequim’s Civic Center's Karen Kuznek-Reese Gallery, 152 W Cedar Street, and on our social media sites. If we are allowed to have a public gathering by March 2022 then you will be notified.  Each student shall receive a certificate of acceptance in recognition of their participation.  Selected pieces will be chosen for display in the gallery, and the top three juried pieces will receive a cash prize. 

For further information, please email CAAC Chair Suzanne Horne at shorne@sequimwa.gov, or City of Sequim Marketing Coordinator Patsene Dashiell at pdashiell@sequimwa.gov or (360)681-3421.