Art All Over - The Art Show Without Walls

Please note:  Art All Over submissions remain open until further notification!

Art All Over

Click here to to fill out a submittal on JotForm for the Art All Over exhibit.

The City Arts Advisory Commission is passionate about permeating art into the everyday lives of people where they are, while raising awareness of the place that art creates for the reuse, recycling or repurposing of objects. To that end, we ask artists to find an old sign, floor planks, canvas, or whatever other used material that can be painted on carved or modified but will be able to hold up in the elements outside for a three-month period. The accepted works will then be hung either in the Karen Kuznek-Reese Gallery at the Sequim Civic Center, 152 W. Cedar Street, or will be displayed in our city’s parks, along walking paths, or other city-owned areas.  

Each submitted artwork piece for Art All Over will need to have ½” holes drilled in it (two at the top, and one at the bottom), or hangers attached to securely hang it on a chain link fence.  It will also need to be water resistant.  For this first outdoor show, most of the works for outdoor display will be hung on existing fences. If your selected artwork weighs more than 20 pounds, or is larger than 4 feet by 4 feet, you will need to include specific mounting or hanging information with your submittal and possibly be present at the time your work is hung. Since this is an outdoor exhibit and will be on display for up to three months, the City of Sequim cannot be held responsible for damage to art pieces due to weather and/or vandalism. 

Three-dimensional sculptured pieces will be accepted for indoors exhibit in the Karen Kuznek-Reese Gallery.  The art pieces must be no larger than 36” by 36” and not exceed 50 pounds per piece.

All initial entries will be digitally submitted through JotForm  and should include three photographs from different angles of your piece for jurying purposes. Each person is allowed up to three entries, but a separate entry form will be needed for each submittal. Because of the rather open-ended nature of this show, we may need to contact you for assistance or direction in hanging your work.   Entries for the outdoor exhibit, which will be displayed on fences in City parks, remains open.

Entries will be juried by members of the City Arts Advisory Commission.   Selected entries will be hung in the Karen Kuznek-Reese Gallery at the Sequim Civic Center, 152 W. Cedar Street during the month of March, and hung in City Parks beginning in late February through the months of March, April and May. This exhibit may continue throughout the summer months.  All selected submissions will be designated a time and date to deliver their art piece for hanging. 

We hope you will take up the challenge to help us move art outside where it can be viewed by all. This is a new type of show and so we ask you to please help us create something remarkable for the people of Sequim.  The purpose of this art exhibit is to lift spirits!  Please join us---your City Arts Advisory Commission--- in this adventure.  We recognize that artists have the “Can Do” attitude and the creativeness to make magic happen!  

Criteria for Non-acceptance of Artwork
-           Faults of design or workmanship pose a public health or life safety hazard or diminish the value of the work
-           The artwork is fraudulent, inauthentic and/or appears to be of inferior quality relative to the quality of other works in the art collection.
-           The artwork is not the original.
-           Inappropriate and incompatible artwork is defined as political art, sexually suggestive art, religious art, violent art, nudity, and derogatory art against race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, or other person or class of people protected under RCW 49.60.030. 

For more information, please contact Suzanne Horne, Chair, Sequim City Arts Advisory Commission, at, or Patsene Dashiell, Marketing Coordinator, City of Sequim, at or (360)681-3421.