Josh in Streets

“I just always wanted to be a part of keeping Sequim beautiful.”

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Get to know Josh, Streets Lead for the City. Sequim-born-and-raised, and eleven years on the job! 

Q - What does your average day at work look like?

A - It changes every day. It depends on what the weather's doing. It's my job to make sure everything's being maintained properly in accordance with the weather. Painting, potholing, sidewalks, line of sights, signs. Every day is different. I can plan things out for weeks but if the weather doesn't cooperate then I have to be able to change and shift the guys to whatever needs to be done.

Q - What are some things people are surprised to learn about you and your crew? 

A - I think lately it's been our response time; they're surprised at how quick it is. It's the community, right? So, we work for them. If our response time is good, it leaves a good impression with them. Then they know that they can count on us to be there sooner than later. Then following up as well, when the job's complete, I make sure that they are happy with the work that was provided and the crew that was there. It's important to have that relationship. 

Q - What's your favorite part of living in Sequim?

A - That’s a loaded question, there's so many different things. It still has a small town feel to it. The mountains and ocean being so close. I have a very active family; my nephews are pro wake surfers so they're surfing non-stop at Lake Sutherland and travelling the world surfing. They can skateboard, surf, and snowboard here on the same day.

Q - Do you like to involve yourself in those activities?

A - I used to a lot, yeah. I snowboarded for years, and I was a skater kid here in Sequim for years and years. I used to have a half pipe in my backyard, so I skated ramp and half pipe. Of course, skateboarding was still illegal then so there was no skatepark or anywhere for us to go, so it was always a challenge.

Q - Was the City's skatepark a cool development for you personally to see, then?

A - Yeah, huge. Some of the kids I used to skate with were on the design team, they travel the world building skateparks. So, it's really cool to see that happen.

Q - What's your favorite part of your job?

A - I think it's all of it, you know? Just being a part of it. I remember as a kid, I spent most of my childhood growing up on Maple St, just down the road from where the City shop is now. Back then, Sequim still ran the garbage trucks, so I remember going out and talking with them and then seeing the guys working in the streets with their trucks and tractors and things. I just always wanted to be a part of keeping Sequim beautiful. I'm just proud, watching Sequim grow and being a part of it growing. 

Q - How would you describe the feeling of having that pride?

A - It’s just something you get out of keeping town beautiful. That expectation that when people come to visit, they know that Sequim is well managed and taken care of. Our parks are beautiful, our streets are beautiful. It's everything, from the holiday lights to the simple mowing and keeping things clean around our right-of-ways. People coming into town see that we care, we do the maintenance that needs to be done. 

Q - If you could be granted a superpower to make your job easier, what would you choose?

A - Controlling the weather. I want it to rain at night and be sunny all day so I can work but then everything is watered and beautiful!  

 Keep an eye out  for more features highlighting the hardworking staff who contribute to the pride and beauty of the City of Sequim.