Department of Community Development

our mission:

Facilitate quality development through good design.


The Department of Community Development provides a broad and diverse range of services to the community, ranging from everyday needs such as animal control to managing the community’s planning activities that determine Sequim’s long-term growth and development. Whether the topic is neighborhood character, economic development, environmental preservation, housing, efficient means of moving about, or just about any other aspect of the community’s development and activity, the Department of Community Development likely has some degree of responsibility.


Like all City departments, the Department holds a high value on customer service. Everyone who walks in the door, calls, or emails is a customer. Staff members see it is their duty to provide a helpful response to every customer inquiry, request, and application received.

If we know something that will answer a need, solve a problem, or help a project application, it is our responsibility to offer it - and we do so with a smile!


  • Comprehensive Planning
    • Growth / Long-Range Planning
    • Subarea and Neighborhood Planning
    • Environmental Planning, Including Shorelines and Critical Areas
    • Topical Planning Such as Economic Development, Parks, and Pathways
  • Development Services
    • Land Use Permits: Rezones, Conditional Uses, Variances
    • Subdivisions
    • Environmental Review
    • Shorelines Use Permits
    • Site Plan Review
    • Building Permits and Inspections
    • Design Review
  • Code Compliance
    • Nuisance Abatement
    • Zoning Code Enforcement
  • Education and Information

Helpful handouts:

Additional handouts and applications forms can be found here.