Pre-Application Conference


Be advised, these pages are under construction. Please contact staff for specific questions. 

For land use applications, including but not limited to; subdivisions, binding site plans, and conditional use permits, a pre-application conference may be required. 

Pre application conferences are not required for Type A-1 permits (building permits, sign permits, boundary line adjustments, etc.). Applicants for A-1 permits can skip to Step 4. 

These conferences allow staff the opportunity to address feasibility of the proposed project and provide feedback to you, the applicant. There is a cost associated with the pre-application conference for both Community Development and Engineering reviews that must be paid prior to the meeting.  

Applicants can expect to receive the following from the pre-application meeting:

  • A link to the land use application form listing the requirements for a completed application.
  • A general summary of the procedures to be used to process the application.
  • The references to the relevant code provisions or development standards that may apply for approval of the application.
  • Information on all applicable application fees in effect at the time.

The requirements come from our Municipal Code. We also strive to ensure consistency with the Comprehensive Plan and Master Plans.

The applicant must submit a completed preapplication conference request form and a preliminary sketch or conceptual design that illustrates the applicant’s generalized ideas of the proposal. The sketch or conceptual design must include the following:

  • Approximate lot lines and configurations
  • General site topography
  • Proposed vehicle access to the site
  • Proposed location of utilities
  • Any other information that may assist the City in its preliminary review. 

Final drawings are discouraged at this pre-application stage. The information included in the submitted materials should be of sufficient detail for the City to adequately review the proposed project and provide constructive feedback. Pre-application conferences are scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2-3pm. 

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