Contracts and Interlocal Agreements

Interlocal Agreements

January 11, 2012Association of Washington CitiesRisk Management (PDF)
October 14, 2013Association of Washington CitiesEmployee Benefit Trust Health Care Program (PDF)
July 11, 2016City of ForksJail Services (PDF)
May 28, 2015City of Port AngelesPolice Dept - Mutual Assist Agreement (PDF)
January 25, 2001City of Port AngelesPurchasing Interlocal Agreement (PDF)
October 5, 2005
January 5, 2009
City of Port AngelesSolid Waste Disposal (PDF)  and Waste Increase (PDF)
September 6, 1996City of Port AngelesCity Attorney Services (PDF)
March 1, 2010Cities of Port Angeles and Sequim, Olympic Medical Center, Clallam Transit and Clallam CountyResource Conservation Management Services (PDF)
December 28, 2018Cities of Port Angeles and Sequim and Clallam CountyInterlocal Agreement for Criminal Justice and Legal Services Level of Service and Efficiency Study
October 12, 2015Clallam CountyManagement Control Agreement - IT Services (PDF)
December 9, 2014Clallam CountySurface Water Flow Monitoring (PDF)  and Amendment (PDF)
November 24, 2014Clallam CountyCarlsborg Wastewater Disposal (PDF)
November 5, 2015Clallam CountyCriminal Justice Services (PDF)
January 22, 2013Clallam CountyDistrict Court Filing Fees - 2013 (PDF)
January 11, 2013Clallam CountyDistrict Court Computer Policy - 2013 (PDF)
March 23, 1998Clallam CountySERP and Design Standards in UGA (PDF)
August 25, 2005Clallam CountyInterlocal Regarding Comp Solid Waste Management Plan (PDF)
September 3, 2001Clallam CountySTP Funds Allocation (PDF)
September 14, 1988Clallam CountyPublic Utilities Franchise re lines (PDF)
December 21, 1993Clallam CountySeptage Treatment (PDF)
May 22, 2001Clallam CountyClean Water District MOA (PDF)
November 4, 2008Clallam CountyPrisoner Confinement Services (PDF)
July 12, 2012Clallam CountyPrisoner Confinement Services Rate Change (PDF)
September 2, 2014Clallam CountyPrisoner Confinement Amendment 1 (PDF)
August 24, 2011Clallam CountyElectronic Home Monitoring Services (PDF)
November 24, 2008Clallam CountySex Offender Address and Residency Verification Program (PDF)
April 22, 2003Clallam CountyRoad Work Agreement (PDF)
May 4, 2014Clallam CountyUse of Mower (PDF)
October 22, 2013Clallam CountyOPSCAN Network Services (PDF)
August 31, 2015Clallam CountyStonegarden Grant Program (PDF)
August 16, 2016Clallam CountyBuilding Code Services as Needed (PDF)
November 13, 2015Clallam & Jefferson CountiesMulti-Agency Investigative Response Team (PDF)
September 11, 2012Clallam Conservation DistrictLow Impact Development Project (PDF)
08202015Clallam County PUD #1Conservation Implementation Lighting Upgrade (PDF)
May 14, 2013Clallam County PUD #1Temporary Wholesale Water Supply Agreement (PDF)
June 4, 1985Clallam County PUD #1Street Light Agreement (PDF)
June 21, 1995Clallam County PUD #1Water Service Area Agreement – Emerald Highlands (PDF)
January 5, 2007Clallam County PUD #1Power Line Extension Agreement (PDF)
October 21, 2016Clallam County PUD #1LED Street Lighting Systems Upgrade Incentive, Phase 3 (PDF)
June 10, 2019Clallam County PUD #1Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (PDF)
May 29, 2015Clallam County SheriffUse of Sequim Police Department (PDF)
October 30, 2012Clallam County SheriffMOU - Ti Training Lab Interactive Use of Force Simulator (PDF)
May 30, 1995Clallam County Sheriff and Fire District #3Fire Investigation Task Force (PDF)
August 12, 2002
and June 18, 2003
Clallam County, City of Forks and Port AngelesMulti-Agency Reciprocal Maintenance Agreement (PDF)
April 23, 2013Clallam CountyUse of County Mower (PDF)
October 21, 2003Clallam County, City of Forks and Port AngelesDistribution of SHB 2060 Funds (PDF)
December 29, 2014Clallam TransitParking Easement (PDF)
December 18, 2003Clallam TransitCommercial Lease Agreement (PDF)
July 19, 2004Clallam TransitAmendment to Commercial Lease (PDF)
September 11, 2006Clallam TransitAmendment 2 to Commercial Lease (PDF)
June 10, 2008Clallam TransitAmendment 3 to Commercial Lease (PDF)
November 17, 1993Clallam TransitMaintenance and Install Bus Stops MOU (PDF)
February 27, 2012Clallam TransitSale of Bus Passes (PDF)
January 1, 1987Clallam / Jefferson Public DefendersIndigent case defense (PDF)
May 28, 2014FCC License RenewalRadio Station Authorization (PDF)

April 17, 1985Fire District #3Fire and Emergency Medical Protection (PDF)
June 26, 2001Fire District #3Interlocal for Burning Permit Process (PDF)
May 22, 1995Fire District #3Confined Space Equipment (PDF)
February 25, 2019Fire District #3Interlocal Emergency Management Services and Operations, Resource Exchange, Vehicle Svcs (PDF)
September 18, 2013Houston-Galveston Area CouncilCooperative Purchasing Agreement (PDF)
June 10, 2014Jamestown S'Klallam TribeLetter of Agreement re Roadway System (PDF)
November 30, 2018Jamestown S'Klallam TribeInterlocal for Wastewater Disposal (PDF)
September 24, 2014Jamestown ExcavatingInstall water meters (PDF)
October 14, 2013King CountyCooperative Purchasing Agreement (PDF)
July 27, 2015North Olympic Library SystemTiny Olympic Libraries (PDF)
December 19, 2006PencomDispatch and Computer Records Service Agreement, Amendment 1 (PDF)
April 26, 2004PencomDispatch and Computer Records Service Agreement (PDF)
June 9, 2015Port of Port AngelesCommunity Partner Program (PDF)
September 1, 2011Olympic Peninsula Narcotics Enforcement Team (OPNET)Criminal Investigations and Prosecutions (PDF)
December 16, 2011Olympic Peninsula Narcotics Enforcement Team (OPNET)OPNET 2012 Distribution Agreement (PDF)
January 11, 2016Clallam County Park & Recreation District #1 (SARC)Utility Billing Payment Agreement (PDF)
May 28, 2019Peninsula Regional Transportation Planning OrganizationPRTPO Membership(PDF)
October 1, 2008Sequim School District #323PRoTECT Coalition Program (PDF)
May 14, 2014Sequim School District #323Greenhouse Lease (PDF)
December 16, 2016Sequim School District #323School Resource Officer (PDF)

Teamsters Contracts (PDF)
August 16, 2016Washington Plan of OperationsPolice Purchasing Agreement (PDF)
November 3, 2010WA NCIC/WACICComputer Information System (PDF)
June 5, 2013WA Public Works BoardConstruction Loan Agreement re Aerobic Digester (PDF)
April 25, 2014WA Department of CommerceContract EW13-961-094, Energy and Water Efficiency Program (PDF)
January 29, 2016WA Department of CommerceGrowth Management Act Update Grant (PDF)
January 23, 2017WA Department of CommerceAgreement (PDF)  and Loan (PDF)  - McCurdy Booster Pump Station Improvements
July 1, 2014 and January 7, 2016WA Department of EcologyGrant - Aerobic Digester Aeration and Headworks Improvements (PDF)  and  Amendment 1 (PDF)
November 24, 2014WA Department of EcologyGrant - Stormwater Stewardship Centennial Clean Water Program Agmt No. WQC-2015-SequPW-00008 (PDF)
September 10, 2012WA Department of EcologyGrant - Water Reclamation & Distribution Expansion (PDF)
September 10, 2012WA Department of EcologyGrant Am. 1 - Water Reclamation & Distribution Expansion (PDF)
February 14, 2013WA Department of EcologyGrant Am. 2 - Water Reclamation & Distribution Expansion (PDF)
April 11, 2016WA Department of Enterprise ServicesGuy Cole - Interagency Agreement (PDF)
June 11, 2013WA Department of Enterprise ServicesState Purchasing Contract (PDF)
July 13, 2015WA Department of HealthFeasibility Study - Deytona Water System (PDF)  and Amendment No. 1 (PDF)
July 18, 2014WA Department of LicensingInteragency Disclosure Driver and Plate Search (PDF)
January 25, 2010WA Department of LicensingMaster Licensing Services (PDF)
June 11, 2011WA Department of LicensingMaster Licensing Services - Assignment (PDF)
October 31, 2016WA Department of Natural ResourcesUrban and Community Forestry Program (PDF)
July 1, 1997WA Department of RevenueSales and Use Tax Agreement (PDF)
May 16, 2013WA Department of TransportationW. Fir Street Rehab T13-01 Grant (PDF)
January 31, 2005WA Department of TransportationMaint & Ops of Signal Systems (PDF)
January 15, 2008WA Department of Transportation5th & Hendricksen Signal Maintenance (PDF)
May 4, 2000WA Department of TransportationOverhead Reciprocating Agreement (PDF)
April 6, 2009WA Department of TransportationLOU for Local Agency Guidelines (PDF)
May 15, 2012WA Department of TransportationSTP Funds W. Sequim Bay Road (PDF)
June 17, 1999WA Department of TransportationTurnback Agreement (PDF)
April 7, 2015WA Department of TransportationNon-Discrimination Agreement Population Under 100,000 (PDF)
January 15, 2015WA Department of TransportationGuard Rail repair (PDF)
August 9, 2016WA Public Works BoardGrant for 5th and McCurdy Booster Pump Station Improvements (PDF)
August 9, 2016WA Public Works BoardGrant for Sunnyside Water Main Replacement - Maple St. to Fir St. (PDF)
January 9, 2012WA Transportation Improvement BoardExpanded Preservation Project (PDF)
February 18, 2014WA Transportation Improvement BoardArterial Preservation Project - Multiple Locations (PDF)
June 10, 2013WA Department of Natural ResourcesAquatic Lands Easement 51-082037 - Outfall Agreement (PDF)
December 14, 2009WA General Services AdminState Purchasing Contract (PDF)
September 3, 2003Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police ChiefsCommunity Service Monitoring (PDF)
May 29, 2007Washington State Department of CorrectionsShared Office Space (PDF)
January 14, 2009Washington State Department of CorrectionsShared Office Space Amendment (PDF)
April 29, 2002Washington State Department of TransportationTrail Lease -- Olympic Discovery Trail (PDF)
April 10, 2008Washington State General AdministrationIntergovernmental Purchasing Agreement (PDF)
December 7, 2011Washington State General AdministrationIntergovernmental Purchasing Agreement Amendment 1 (PDF)
January 10, 2008Washington State PatrolUse of ASPEN Software (PDF)
March 17, 2014Washington State PatrolAcademy Facility Use Agreement (PDF)
November 3, 2010Washington State Patrol24 Hour Hit Confirmation Verification/Interagency Agreement (PDF)
July 31, 2012Washington State PatrolSECTOR Service Level Agreement (PDF)
June 26, 2014Washington State PatrolLive-Scan Fingerprint Agreement (PDF)
January 9, 2017Washington State UniversitySmall Business Development Center Program (PDF)
March 30, 2018Washington Cities Insurance AuthorityInsurance services beginning January 1, 2019 (PDF)
May 28, 2019Peninsula Regional Transportation Planning OrganizationInterlocal Agreement (PDF)