Public Records

The City of Sequim prepares, owns, uses, and retains a wide variety of documents in paper or digital formats. With few exceptions, all City records are accessible for public inspection or copying upon request. For details about our disclosure policy, please refer to our Guide.

Public Records Act Compliance Policy and Staff Guide for Disclosure of City Records

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Many common records such as agendas, minutes, ordinances, and resolutions can be accessed immediately and without cost through our online repository. The repository is constantly being updated and expanded and we recommend that you start your search there.

Search Public Records Online via the:

Electronic Records Center

Requesters have several options for submitting a Public Records Request (PRR). The most efficient method is to use the City's online request portal.

Make a Public Records Request via the:

Public Records Request Portal

The public records request portal allows the City to upload records, review them for exemptions, and produce them electronically in the quickest and most cost-effective manner.

Requesters are also free to submit written or verbal requests as long as the method provides the City fair notice. Contact the City Clerk's office at or call 360-681-3428. EXCEPTION: We cannot accept requests for records made through our social media channels.

The Public Records Act requires the City to respond to PRRs within 5 business days in one of the following ways:

  • Producing the requested records, along with an exemption log if any records were withheld or redacted.
  • Informing the requester that the City does not possess any record that can be identified from the request (and referring them to a different source, if known).
  • Notifying requester of the need for additional time to fulfill the request, and the valid basis for that extension.
  • Denying the request for a lawful reason, such as an ongoing investigation.

If the PRR is processed through the NextRequest portal, the responsive records will simply be uploaded to the requester's account after any applicable fees have been paid.

If the requester asked for paper copies, the responsive records will be available for pickup or mailed to the requester after all appropriate fees have been paid.

Requesters who wish to inspect records before or instead of receiving copies are free to do so. However, an appointment is necessary.

Although many PRRs can be fulfilled in fewer than the 5 days allowed by law for the City's initial response, please do not make a trip to the Civic Center or Police Department expecting to receive the records you need over the counter.

The City of Sequim complies with the Washington State Public Records Act (RCW Chapter 42.56) and other state and federal laws regarding disclosure of records. Unless a record falls under an "exemption" it will be made available in accordance with the applicable law.  Exemption Log

The City is limited in the type and amount of fees it can charge for fulfilling Public Records Requests. Fees are set forth in Sequim Municipal Code Chapter 3.68. Fees must be paid before the request is fulfilled. Currently, the following fee schedule applies: 

Paper copies in excess of 50 pages$.15 per page
Scanned documents in excess of 100 pages$.10 per page
Digital files in excess of 40 files$.05 per 4 files
PostageActual cost
Storage mediaActual cost

Body-worn camera video redaction cost $0.75 per minute of staff time