Comprehensive Plan 2015-2035

comprehensive plan 2015-2035

Including Amendments Through August 8, 2022

Note: The Comprehensive Plan in paper copy is available for purchase.

Resolution No. R2015-16 (PDF) adopting 2015-2035 Comprehensive Plan

Resolution No. R2018-06 (PDF), amending 2015-2035 Comprehensive Plan

Resolution No. R2018-24 (PDF), amending 2015-2035 Comprehensive Plan

Resolution No. R2022-005 (PDF). amending 2015-2035 Comprehensive Plan

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The City of Sequim, WA is issuing a Request for Proposal (RFP) to engage a comprehensive plan consultant. We are seeking a multidisciplinary consultant team, which can be a single firm or a team of individuals and/or firms with specialized expertise. The consultant team will be responsible for updating the City's Comprehensive Plan (CP), completing development codes and Critical Areas. Additionally, the selected consultant will collaborate with Transpo Group, who will be working on the Transportation Element and the Transportation Master Plan Update.

It is also the desire of the City to update the zoning and development standards into a unified development code (UDC). The development standards should be written in such a way that they can easily convert to a UDC. Consultants responding to the CP RFP may also choose to elaborate on the UDC process and put forth a proposal, timeline and budget that also considers the next step to roll out the UDC product through 2025 – 2026. As we evaluate the budget, it is possible that we consider hiring the consultant on for the UDC.

The project timeline is as follows: The CP, Development Standards and Critical Areas Ordinance are due on the June 30, 2025 cycle. The UDC isn’t held to the statutory deadline, and it is expected that the work would continue through 2026.

We invite interested consultants to submit their proposals, demonstrating their qualifications, experience, and understanding of the project requirements outlined above. The proposals should also include a detailed timeline and budget for the completion of the project.

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