Emergency Management

The City of Sequim is dedicated to planning for our response to both man-made and natural emergencies. Our city departments and local partners exercise our plans and processes, whether through training or by responding to unplanned events such as our recent 2019 snow storm.  We, along with other local, County, and State agencies use the knowledge gained through those experiences to evaluate our local response capabilities and plans.   

As the City of Sequim plans and prepares for disastrous situations, it is equally important that community members prepare as well. Whether you live, work, shop, or go to school in Sequim we encourage you to get prepared.  If there is one thing we are certain of, it is the fact that we are all in this together and we all have a part to play whether you represent an agency with response responsibilities, you own a business or are a citizen.  Our resilience as a community to respond and recover from an event, relies on all of us doing what we can do to be prepared and to be prepared to help others.     

Welcome to the emergency preparedness portion of our website! We hope you find helpful information regarding both what the City of Sequim is doing and what you can do to plan and get prepared at home, work, and school.  Please explore our website and contact us if you have any questions, are looking for more information on preparedness or are looking for opportunities to volunteer.


Clallam County Emergency Management
(360) 417-2544
Website: Clallam County Emergency Management

Clallam County Fire District #3
(360) 683-4242
Website: Clallam County Fire District #3

Washington State Department of Emergency Management
(800) 562-6108
Website: WA State Department of Emergency Management

Code RedThere are many ways to stay informed about emergency conditions when they occur in our community. Everyone needs to be aware and be prepared for the unexpected. The resources listed and explained below can provide up-to-date information as it occurs. 

Sequim Police Department encourages everyone to sign up for CODE RED to receive alerts and notifications of emergencies in their area.