Emergency Management

A “disaster” is defined as a great misfortune, catastrophe or sudden calamitous event that brings great damage, loss or destruction. The City of Sequim is vulnerable to natural, man made and/or technological related disasters.

The United States has a comprehensive national plan for emergency management which filters down through state governments, through the counties to each city. When a disaster threatens or strikes, city and county governments will take the lead in managing emergency public health, safety and welfare services. The response will be widespread, extending beyond the usual boundaries of departments providing emergency services and requiring cooperation of governmental and private sector units that do not normally respond to emergency situations. Since the state and federal governments will provide only supporting services for disaster mitigation, response, and recovery, the leadership of the legislative authorities is of critical importance.

The City of Sequim Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP) is for use by officials to provide emergency management preceding, during and following disasters. It gives the policies, information, recommendations, and guidance necessary for the officials making operational decisions. We encourage all citizens to become familiar with our plan so that everyone knows what their government will do during an emergency. Depending on the magnitude of the crisis, it may take a long time and resources well beyond our own to effectively recover from the situation. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you not only know what steps your public agencies will be taking, but also that you prepare yourself to successfully survive a major catastrophe until help can arrive.

The Sequim Police Department partners with other agencies to plan for and respond to both natural and man-made disasters. We participate in exercises to test our emergency response capabilities and additionally host the Sequim Public Safety Fair which provides us the opportunity along with our local and federal partners to deliver educational materials to the public to better prepare them for emergency events.

Our Partners

Clallam County Emergency Management
Ph: (360) 417-2544
Website: Clallam County Emergency Management

Clallam County Fire District #3
Ph: (360) 683-4242

Washington State Department of Emergency Management
Ph: (800) 562-6108

National Guard Presentation re Emergency Management - August 14, 2015

Weather Information
Website: NOAA Weather