General Sewer Plan
 The City of Sequim Public Works Department has completed its long-term planning strategy for the City’s sewer utility for the 6- and 20-year planning periods. This was adopted by City Council on July 28, 2014.    

Sewer Smoke Testing

Starting in spring, the Public Works Department performs tests using smoke of the sanitary sewers to find defects, breaks, leaks, and faulty connections in the sewer system.   

Sewer System Functions

The sewage system is the responsibility of the Public Works Department. Responsibilities include maintaining the following:

  • 73 miles of sewer line
  • About 7,320 feet of outfall pipe from the reclamation facility to the diffuser, located about 1,900 feet into the Strait of Juan de Fuca at a depth of 53 feet
  • All pumps, equipment, and telemetry
  • Class A Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) with all pertinent equipment
  • State mandated monitoring / reports
  • Four lift stations
  • Wastewater Source Control Program
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Like the city’s Water Fund, the Wastewater Fund has an account for operations and maintenance and one for capital improvements. The same philosophy governs funding sources. Operations are funded through sewer user fees and system expansions are supported by general facility connection charges for all new users.

Report an Issue 
If you have a sewer maintenance problem you’d like to report, please email the Public Works Department or call 360-683-5062 and include a description of the problem.