Water System Plan

In 2013-14, the Public Works Department produced and the Sequim City Council adopted its long-term planning strategy for the City’s water utility for the 6- and 20-year planning periods. Review Resolution R2014-08 Water System Plan (PDF) (very large file).

In 2021, Public Works commenced an update to the 2013 plan in compliance with state Department of Health (DOH) regulations. The review process so far includes SEPA and public hearings on the 2022 Draft followed by approval from the Sequim Planning Commission and City Council in August 2022. Next is a 90-day review period by DOH and other state agencies as well as local government/adjacent water purveyor consistency review. Once comments are addressed a Final Draft will be taken to City Council for adoption, expected by late 2022 or early 2023. 

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water system Functions

Water is handled through the Public Works Department. Over 800,000 gallons of potable water per day are typically provided to the residents and businesses of Sequim. Along with this water comes the maintenance and chlorination of approximately 72 miles of water line, three reservoirs that provide 2.4 million gallons of storage, and five water pumps for our three primary sources.

All state-mandated monitoring / state reports and all telemetry that help support the steady flow of water to the City of Sequim for potable uses, health, fire flow, and fire protection are completed at this level.

Recent Reports

Download the 2021 Water Quality Report (PDF)

Download the 2020 Water Use Efficiency Report (PDF)

Cross Connection Program

The purpose of the City of Sequim Cross Connection Program is to protect the city’s public water system from contamination through the elimination and control of actual or potential cross connections. The program's objective is to prevent "back-siphonage", i.e., any non-City water from entering the public water system. The plan is implemented in accordance with Sequim Municipal Code Chapter 13.120 including the Cross-Connection Control Manual adopted June 27, 2022.

All Premise Isolation DCVA must be installed as per City Standards.
Installation Standards for Premises Isolation (DCVA) (PDF)

Certified Backflow Assembly Tester (BAT) Courtesy List (PDF)



If you do not already have them on file with the City, a copy of the tester's current BAT certification as well as Current Verification of accuracy for the test equipment used is needed.

Download the Backflow Prevention Assembly Test Report (PDF)

Please send Backflow Prevention Assembly Test/Air Gap Inspection Reports by email to Backflow


The city’s Water Fund includes the Operations and Maintenance Fund and the Capital Improvement Fund. The former includes divisions for administration, maintenance, plant operations, and capital outlay. It is funded primarily from user charges for the sale of water. The capital improvements that are expansion-only are supported by general facility fees charged for new connections to the water system. This fund’s primary purpose is to provide increased capacity to the water system due to growth.

Report an Issue 
If you have a sewer maintenance problem you’d like to report, please email the Public Works Department at 360-683-4908 and include a description of the problem.