Conditional Use Permit

Conditional Uses – Major & Minor Overview

Certain uses, because of their unusual size, rate of occurrence, special requirements, possible safety hazards or potentially detrimental effects on surrounding properties and/or other similar potentially adverse impacts, are classified as conditional uses. Conditional uses are those uses which are not permitted “by right” within specific zoning districts, but which may be considered, on an individual or case-by-case basis, as specified in Chapter 18.20 SMC. Major and minor conditional uses are process by the City as a conditional use permit (CUP). A minor conditional use is reviewed administratively unless it is appealed to the Board of Adjustment. A major conditional use requires a public hearing before the Planning Commission. Both types of conditional uses must meet the criteria below to be approved. Applications for both types of conditional uses are found below.

A. The proposal will not materially endanger the public health, safety, or general welfare, or generate undesirable impacts beyond the property boundaries.

B. The proposal will not substantially impact the reasonable use and enjoyment of surrounding properties.

C. The proposal is consistent with the overall goals and objectives of the comprehensive plan and any applicable subarea plans.

D. The cumulative effect of approving this and similar proposals will not cause an erosion of the purpose and intent of the comprehensive plan.

E. The character of the use is in harmony with the surrounding area, the applicant has demonstrated that the conditional use, with any proposed mitigations, will have no more impacts off-site than other uses which are permitted within the zoning district.

F. The proposed development meets all applicable noise, odor, lighting and buffer standards for the zone in which it is proposing to locate.

Major-Minor Conditional Use Permit (PDF)