Current Projects


21 calendar DAYS FROM THE DATE THE written DECISION is posted 

on the city’s website. THE DECISION WILL ONLY BE POSTED ON THE CITY'S WEBSITE, and parties of record will receive an email when the decision is available. parties of record are responsible for ensuring the city has an appropriate email address for notification purposes.

proposed revisions to sequim municipal code chapter 18.66, 

accessory dwelling units 

project description

To encourage development of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) the City is proposing to amend its current ADU regulations to allow the ADU to be increased in size from 700 sq. ft. to 850 sq. ft., remove off street parking requirements, remove the limitation on the number of bedrooms and occupants and to remove the requirement that the property owner must reside in either the primary or secondary residential unit.


  1. Notice of Public Hearing
  2. Proposed Sequim Municipal Code, Chapter 18.66 Accessory Dwelling Units

proposed sequim municipal code chapter 18.51,

Infill Residential Development Standards

project description

These regulations are intended to provide property owners and developers with alternative bulk and dimensional standards that may better reflect the existing development pattern than would the City’s current residential development standards while maintaining consistency with current land use regulations.


  1. Notice of Public Hearing
  2. Proposed Sequim Municipal Code Chapter 18.51

Home phase B

file no. sub19-001

notice of public meeting and public hearing

project description

A proposed major preliminary subdivision application to develop 33 single family residential lots on approximately 9.14 acres of property currently zoned “Single Family Residence” (R 4-8). The project would be developed in four phases. Phase B-1: 10 lots, Phase B-2: 11 lots, Phase B-3: 4 lots, and Phase B-4: 8 lots.


  1. Cover Letter
  2. Application
  3. SEPA Checklist
  4. Draft Plans
  5. Geotechnical Report
  6. Preliminary Plat Plans
  7. Preliminary Stormwater Control Plan
  8. Traffic Impact Analysis
  9. CCRs, Amended
  10. Warranty Deed
  11. Affidavit of Mailing 300 ft
  12. Notice of Complete Application

lavender meadows

FILE NO. BSP19-002

The public meeting and public hearing for the “Lavender Meadows” binding site plan application (BSP19-002) have been postponed, pending submittal of additional information.



A proposed preliminary Major Binding Site Plan application to develop a 217 unit manufactured home park in three phases on approximately 38.3 acres of “Single Family Residential” (R 4-8) zoned property. As proposed, Phase 1 will be 82 units, Phase 2 will be 71 units, and Phase 3 will be 64 units. The proposal includes an internal private road system built to adopted city road standards, with one point of access to Port Williams Road and two points of access to N. Sequim Avenue.


  1. Geotechnical Engineering Report
  2. Jamestown S'Klallam Tribe Comments
  3. Ecology Comment
  4. Lavender Meadows Traffic Impact Analysis
  5. Irrigation Ditch Research
  6. Response to Comments
  7. Fish and Wildlife Comment
  8. Seq Prairie Tri-Irrigation Assn Comments
  9. Frontage Improvement Street Sections
  10. Updated Site Plan
  11. MHP Street Cross Section
  12. Aerial Exhibit
  13. Offsite Street Sections
  14. Streets and Driveways
  15. Notice of Application
  16. Application
  17. Plans
  18. Plans 50 scale
  19. Geotech Engineering Report
  20. Parking
  21. Transportation Impact Analysis
  22. Preliminary Storm Drainage Report
  23. Cation Exchange Capacity
  24. Preliminary Landscape Plan 1
  25. Preliminary Landscape Plan 2
  26. Revised CCRs
  27. Critical Areas Memo
  28. Fill Estimates
  29. Environmental Review Packet and Checklist

Fir Street Rehabilitation project

West Fir Rehabilitation - SEPA Checklist

West Fir Rehabilitation Project - Geotechnical

West Fir Rehabilitation Project - Stormwater Report

West Fir Rehabilitation Project -Archaeological Monitoring

West Fir Rehabilitation - IDP

Affordable Housing Study 

Affordable Housing Study