Transportation Master Plan

Transportation Master Plan

The 2013 Transportation Master Plan is a study which defines existing problems/opportunities, considers and evaluates solutions, and identifies an optimum transportation system for the City of Sequim to the year 2032. It also contains a list of projects for the City to pursue over time to implement this Plan (see TIP, below). 

Click on the following link to view the City of Sequim's Transportation Master Plan: Transportation Master Plan (PDF).

Appendices of the Transportation Master Plan
Appendix A-Intersection Level of Service (PDF)
Appendix B-Traffic Data 1 (PDF)
Appendix B-Traffic Data 2 (PDF)
Appendix B-Traffic Data 3 (PDF)
Appendix C-Street Typologies (PDF)
Appendix D-6 Year Project List (PDF)
Appendix E-20 Year Project List (PDF)

Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP)

The TIP includes all projects listed in the Transportation Master Plan. Click here to view the latest TIP (PDF).