November 2017

Week Ending November 17


Happy early Thanksgiving to all of you! Here are this week’s items:

Council Policy Direction

- Council Advance Documents From Monday Night – I’m attaching the documents (PDF) and spreadsheet (PDF) that I distributed on Monday night, including my PowerPoint (PDF). We will be preparing more information for the 12/11 meeting. I’m also attaching an example document of Council goals and priorities from Fort Bragg, NC (PDF) that we came across. What I’m suggesting are targeted, high level objectives identified the Council and then a blend of targeted action items developed by Council and staff. The goal would be to get more focused on specific short-term deliverables while keeping a long term perspective.

- Emergency Ordinance – We’ll be bringing an ordinance to you on 11/27 under emergency provisions. If approved, it will alleviate the issue we encountered with subdivision access on Willow Creek Manor on Monday night for future developments.

Council Follow-Through

- Human Services Recommendations – Our multi-departmental leadership team on this topic will be reporting to you on the 27th. They’ve been working for most of the year to study issues in our community and resources in our region. They’ll have targeted recommendations for you to consider as you look at our human services funding system during 2018, for implementation in 2019. Some of their recommendations can be implemented sooner. We plan to get feedback from you at this meeting regarding some ideas and will then focus our attention on recommended changes or additions to our existing funding system. The team put a lot of energy into homelessness, given the complexity of the problem and the potential to positively benefit other human services needs through efforts to address homelessness.

- Eastern EOA Update – We continue to work with our CERB grant to do feasibility work on the Eastern Economic Opportunity Area. One of the key outcomes from the discussion will be determining how to best zone the property. Mr. Holt, the main property owner for the area, was involved initially in the study and has now decided to wait for us to complete our analysis and zoning before engaging with us further. We anticipate completing our study and recommending moving forward with updated zoning on the property this winter.

- W. Fir Street Project (5th to Sequim Avenue) Briefing – We are planning a work session on W. Fir Street for January or February. We’ll have a lot of Council actions on this project next year as we execute it and want to make sure that the Council has a good understanding of the history, scope, scale, funding sources, process, and reasoning for the project. We recognize that all of you have come into the project at different stages and want to help everybody get to the same level of knowledge, with the same expectations, and with the same understanding of the process required to complete the project.

- TBD Briefing – We are planning a Transportation Benefit District briefing early in 2018 to discuss whether we go to the voters next year and the timing of going to the voters. If we decide to go to the voters for renewal next year, which we’ll be recommending, it will kick off a year of informational presentations with the community.

- Youth Services Task Force – Notes from the October meeting (PDF) are attached.

- DM Disposal – DM has changed their interpretation of how they charge seasonally vacant properties for garbage service through our contract with them, while deferring responsibility for the change to us. We are receiving a lot of calls and email from angry customers, as this change, made with no consultation between DM and us, is costing our seasonal residents more money. We are working with DM, which is under new management, to resolve the issue. We’ll keep you updated.

Related Items

- AWC CityVision Magazine Article – AWC’s CityVision Magazine has been working on an article about the efforts of cities to increase broadband access. They contacted us to discuss our small wireless ordinance from earlier this year and ended up also covering our colab, Clallam Coworking. Ankur Shah, Planning Commissioner and Clallam Coworkering co-owner, and I were involved in a photoshoot for the magazine yesterday.

- Kettering Foundation Meeting – Time spent last week at the Kettering Foundation, in Dayton, OH, was incredibly valuable. It was an opportunity to connect with leading researchers, nonprofits, and practitioners in the area of civic engagement. I learned a lot from the exchange and, as a result, we’ll be rethinking some of our engagement processes planned for next year, such as how we engage the community on housing. We now have some new resources available to us through a variety of contacts as well. Further, I learned that engagement with Kettering is an ongoing effort, funded by Kettering. We’ve been invited back in May for another couple of days of collaboration. If we continue our involvement, we’d be visiting with folks at the Kettering Foundation twice per year.

- Government Performance Consortium Lean & Beyond Conference – I also attended a day and a half conference last week in Tacoma, along with a couple of other staff members. The focus was on making process improvement (Lean) simple. We came away with several easy to implement solutions that we’ll be putting into practice over the next few weeks, including a visual management system for processing new ideas. For an example of the type of culture that we are focused on fostering, here is a video from a private company in Ferndale demonstrating a cultural focus on continuous improvement. The video was a part of the conference.

- Grit – Special thanks go to Councilor Bob Lake for recommending the book Grit, published in 2016. Our Senior Leadership Team is reading the book for our Advance in December and we’ll be considering ways to further grow grit in the organization. Here is a TED Talk by the author, Angela Duckworth, if you’d like to learn more

- Weekend Activities – Several of us are bicycling as a part of a City/PNNL team on Saturday morning for Cranksgiving, a food drive benefiting the Sequim Food Bank. Also on Saturday is a retirement party for Clint Rushton at Pioneer Park at 1:00 PM. On Sunday, I’m attending a full day facilitation training at Clallam Coworking that is part of our Inclusive Communities work with CommunityPlus.

- Council Planning Calendar and 11/27 Draft Agenda – Attached

Charlie’s Schedule

- Out Next Week – I’m taking the three day week of Thanksgiving off but will be in town. There won’t be a weekly update next week since it is a short week. Joe Irvin will be Acting City Manager on Monday and Tuesday and will designate another staff member Acting City Manager on Wednesday.


Charlie Bush

Week Ending November 10


Here are this week's items:

Emergency Management

The City of Sequim Emergency Management Team met on Wednesday, November 1st. The team discussed EOC computer setup, inventoried the EOC Section boxes, received a brief updated concerning the Ham radio group, talked about the Incident Management Team philosophy and Barb Hanna briefed the team concerning the Crisis Communication Plan she is creating.

Staff Lunch for Aydan Rzayeva

On Tuesday, November 7th staff held a potluck in honor of our professional fellow from Azerbaijan, Aydan Rzayeva. Staff brought American style food to the lunch. Many people attended and Aydan stated that there were many tasty foods. She shared a wonderful box of Azerbaijani baklava.

Sequim Gazette

In yesterday’s Sequim Gazette, there's an article about Chuck Milliman who is running 85 miles for his 85th birthday to raise money for the Sequim Food Bank. Please help us get the word out about this awesome event and wonderful gentleman. Some of the food bank volunteers are working on posters and items that can be used to line Chuck's route and groups plan to go out and cheer him on.

If you would like to help or possibly know a group that would like to help, please let me know, as I am on the board of the Sequim Food Bank. I have attached a copy of the flyer promoting the event for your distribution.

FYI - This is not Chuck's first fundraising event. For his 80th birthday, he ran 80 miles raising money for the Boys & Girls Club.

Innovation Academy Project Development

The City’s GREASE Team (i.e. trained facilitators) are participating in the Alliance for Innovation’s “Innovation Academy.” The Academy walks the participating teams through a series of training and learning objectives with an end product being a project of choice. Our team has been working diligently to identify a project that is related to a key business line and one where successful outcomes can be clearly defined. The GREASE Team has to pick the project by December 15 and will present the project with findings at the 2018 Transforming Local Government Conference which will be held in Tacoma.

Pickleball Courts at Carrie Blake Park

The Pickleball request for proposals notice was given today that sealed bids will be received up to 2:00 p.m., Pacific Time, on Friday, December 1, 2017 for furnishing the necessary labor, materials, equipment, tools, and guarantees thereof to construct the pickleball courts at Carrie Blake Park.

I have also attached Clallam County EDC’s Monthly Advance (PDF) and information related the 5th Rally in the Alley (PDF).

I hope you all have a happy Veterans Day and a great weekend.


Joseph D. Irvin, AICP

Assistant City Manager

Week Ending November 3


Here are this week's items:

Council Policy Direction

- Human Services Leadership Team Recommendations - We've had a leadership team, encompassing several city departments, working on this topic steadily since early this year. You'll recall that leadership teams operate with no hierarchy and a focus on producing the best thinking/results possible. You often see this type of approach applied successfully by companies in fast moving fields, like technology, where clear long-term thinking and rapid collaboration is critical to success. The team's recommendations, formed through ongoing conversations and outreach, are now coming together for a Council presentation at the second meeting in November. I'm fully engaged with the team at this point in helping to dial in/frame recommendations. We'll be looking for Council feedback on the recommendations. Proper policy analysis involves thinking big and seeing all of the options. There will be some strategic investments, changes to service delivery, and suggestions for how we structure the next round of human services funding. We will also have some regional projects on our list that may not be built/offered in Sequim, but that would benefit Sequim residents significantly if they were present in the region. We'd be recommending that the City play a convening role in driving regional discussions to bring some services online that currently are missing, similar to what we've done with emergency management. Although it is not ideal, we find ourselves placed in a time where if we wait for the federal government, state government, or even county government to solve our problems, nothing is going to get done and the problems will remain and may fester, eroding the quality of life in our community. The work of this team will connect with the work of our Neighborhoods Leadership Team, which you'll see in the first or second quarter of 2018, and with our affordable housing work planned for 2018.

Council Follow-Up

- Baha Sign - We are in constant contact with the owner of the property and are making progress. I'm checking in weekly with the Department of Community Development (DCD) to get progress updates. DCD has a meeting with the owner next week.

- Inclusive Community Workshop - We'll be hosting our second workshop at the Civic Center on Friday, 11/17, from 4-6 PM, in the Burkett Room. We are putting on the workshops in partnership with CommunityPlus to focus on topics like civility, respect, and inclusiveness in community conversations and actions.

- Warming Center - Sequim Cares is working with Serenity House to open a warming center this winter for homeless people. The location would be their facility on West Washington. The facility would be similar to one in Port Angeles.

- Federal Legislative Agenda/National Crosswalk Standards - We recently saw an article about unique and effective applications of crosswalks in Iceland using 3d paint treatments. It was something we might considering piloting until we reviewed the national standards, which are inflexible on this topic. Given the importance of walkability to our community, I'm planning to add this topic to our draft federal legislative agenda. It could be a productive conversation with our federal delegation. Here are links to a couple of articles.

Iceland Crosswalks

Iceland Crosswalks 2

- Japan America Society Dinner - I'll be attending a dinner on November 28th in Seattle. It is an annual fundraiser for the Japan America Society and the host communities for the 2018 Grassroots Summit will be featured.

Related Items

- Association of Washington Cities (AWC) CityVision Magazine Article - We will be featured in an article about internet access in cities in the upcoming AWC CityVision Magazine. Of particular interest to AWC were our efforts to become one of the first five cities in the state to develop a process for the deployment of small wireless technology, allowing 5G wireless service. You'll recall that we received an application to deploy the technology, our moratorium to develop regulations, discussion of the FCC's preemption of local regulatory powers, our policy discussion focused on the areas where we are able to regulate, and the resolution we passed in protest to the FCC’s pre-emption of our regulatory authority (another issue for our federal agenda). AWC also interviewed Planning Commissioner, Clallam Coworking (COW) Co-owner, and local remote worker Ankur Shah about the need for high speed internet service in our area, for remote workers especially. Ankur and I will be posing for a photo at the COW that will appear in the magazine. It is good exposure for our city as a remote working location, one of our eco devo goals.

- Adding Some Color to the Civic Center - For about a year and a half, staff have been planning a painting and settling-in plan for the office areas at the Civic Center. Next week, we've scheduled time in the evening to execute the first phase of our plan, which is consistent with our philosophy of allowing our office space to be a reflection of our culture. Eventually, we have plans to place things like our core values in corridor walls on the second floor. Areas impacted will be non-public facing. You may recall that the Arts Commission is also in the process of procuring art for public facing areas. We are working through any potential conflicts where both efforts may collide. You will see a lot more color in the building over the next few weeks. One of our inspirations for this part of our work is WaTech, one of our State’s more innovative departments. Please note the background office spaces in this video. We have a similar organizational journey, for some similar and different reasons.

Charlie's Schedule

- Out Tuesday through Thursday - I will be out of the office on business part of next week.