The Sequim Police Department is committed to running an accountable and transparent operation.   Easy access to the yearly Annual Reports, Policies and Procedures, and Strategic Plans represents part of that commitment. We hope the information provided here facilitates understanding of the work we are doing to underscore our commitment to fully serve and protect this community.


The Annual Report details the Sequim Police Department’s crime and activity statistics throughout each calendar year, in relation to neighboring cities, similarly situated cities, and the State of the Washington. Additionally, it highlights noteworthy departmental accomplishments.


Policy and Procedure Manuals ensure the most safe, accurate, and legal procedures are in place within a department. Although the nature of our organization includes constant and imminent change, by way of amended or adopted legislation and in addressing the needs of the community, our manual guides employees of the Sequim Police Department in carrying out their assigned responsibilities in the most professional, ethical, and legal manner possible.  


This plan was developed by members of the department, with the review and concurrence of the City Manager, and objectives have been carefully developed to further our efforts to engage the community, partner with other agencies, and provide a highly trained, professional, and skilled staff through community policing. As a flexible document that serves as a guide to our future, the Plan is reviewed and updated annually to reflect measured progress and determinable outcomes while ensuring goals are being met.  


In most instances, we believe our officers work in partnership with citizens and that our contact with citizens is positive; however, we also understand that there may be an occasional objection to the actions or conduct of our officers.  Therefore, we have established procedures for the public to openly share their thoughts and opinions.  To provide immediate feedback, please complete the Feedback form.

To learn more about the process, please visit our office.