December 2018



Here are this week’s items:

Council Direction

-    John Wayne Marina – The Tribe approached us this week about splitting the cost of the marina assessment we had planned to undertake, which would lower our costs to about $33,000.  We’ve placed this item on the Manager’s Report for Monday night.  Our recommendation is that we enter into a three-way contract between the Tribe, City, and Port to conduct due diligence throughout all of 2019, with study costs split between the City and Tribe.  The contract would require the Port to reimburse the City and Tribe for the cost of our study if they make a decision to transition the marina to another party prior to 1/1/20.  Kristina is putting together a draft contract.  We want to make sure that you are OK with it before we proceed.  We’d ask for your formal approval of it in January.  It would also go to the Port Commission and Tribal Council before it got executed.  The Tribe has confirmed that they are supportive of this concept.  We expect to meet with the Port prior to 12/19.

Council Follow-Through

-    County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Work Session – Sheri and I will be participating in a County work session, at the Sheriff’s request, next Monday to discuss the need for a new County EOC.  The Sheriff is proposing a site on Port Angeles owned land near the airport.  There is a possibility that PENCOM (regional public safety dispatch center) could co-locate on the site.  I let the Sheriff know that, based on prior policy discussions, we are supportive of a new County EOC.  Our level of support for a new dispatch center has not been determined and requires more discussion, given the PENCOM partnership, potential discussions of merging with JEFFCOM (Jefferson County’s public safety dispatch center), and cost implications of a new facility.  We will share both policy positions with the County Commissioners on Monday at 1:00 PM.  PENCOM provides police dispatch for us and fire dispatch for District 3.  The County EOC is our lifeline to the State, which is our lifeline to the Federal government, for disaster resources.  It is an essential link in the system as we manage a disaster.

Related Items

-    Clallam Economic Development Corporation (EDC) Retreat – I represented Sequim at a retreat this week with the EDC Board of Directors.  The retreat resulted in a more focused EDC work plan that includes the Opportunity Zone Program and familiar services like business retention-expansion, business attraction, workforce development, and legislative advocacy (focused at the State and Federal levels where there is broad support regionally for issues).  The Board still has some work to do to determine the mix of partner vs. private funding they’d like to achieve and how they want to staff the EDC moving forward.  Overall, it was a productive day where all the partners worked well together.

-    Senior Leadership Team Advance – Our directors will be away from the building on Thursday, 12/13, all day for our annual Advance.  We’ll be at the George Washington Inn this year.

-    Monthly Meeting with Commissioner Ozias – I met with Commissioner Ozias yesterday.  Items discussed included the EDC Retreat, human services, sustainability, countywide planning policies, the criminal justice contract, and the Pacific Northwest Trail.

-    Pacific Northwest Trail (PNT) – You may have heard about trails like the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) and the Appalachian Trail (AT).  All of those are more developed and well known.  The PNT  is another trail designated by Congress in 2008 that connects the Rockies to the Coast, a 1,200 mile stretch.  Like the others, it is a part of the National Trail System.  It goes just south of Sequim through the National Forest and Park.  It has yet to be fully developed, even though it has existed as a concept and has been hiked since the 1970s as shown in the video.  I reached out to the association that support the PNT this week to explore possibilities for how we might work together.  Sequim is an ideal “trail town” when you consider our tourism infrastructure.  The ODT parallels the PNT in certain areas so there may be an opportunity to leverage resources between each.  I’m considering hiking the PNT this summer from Discovery Bay to Forks to get a better feel for opportunities to improve that section.  If any of you are interested, you are welcome to join me.  It would be a 10-14 day backpacking trip.  The PNT includes bushwhacking in places and goes along roads in others so there are plenty of opportunities to build it up.  Other sections include typical hiking trails, including a lot of the area in the National Forest and National Park south of us.  I can envision a time when a spur trail might connect directly to Sequim.  It would bring more hikers to town, in addition to the cyclists we see each summer.  Port Angeles is currently working on a trail system to better connect their city to the National Park.

-    Monthly Meeting with Nathan West – I met with Nathan West this week.  We discussed the criminal justice study, regional parks & recreation planning, Lean process improvement, strategic planning, annual budgets, the PNT, and the countywide planning policies.

-    Quarterly Emergency Management Meeting – We had our quarterly emergency management meeting this week with our emergency management partners.  Topics covered included next year’s active shooter exercise, countywide all hazards emergency planning, an update from the County on how they are replicating the work we’ve done in Sequim on the west end and in Port Angeles, and an update from Fire District 3 regarding Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training.  They’ve now trained over 400 volunteers in the Sequim School District, including teams in the City.  We’ll have an interlocal agreement for your consideration early next year that will to support the teams in the City.  These teams will be invaluable under any significant disaster scenario.

-    Annual Reviews – This is the season for annual reviews throughout our organization.  As I put mine together, I’m reminded of the great work that we accomplished this year.  Thank you for supporting us, working with us, and for providing us vision and guidance.

-    Homeless Shelter Experience – Three Public Works employees will be joining me on 12/18 to spend a night at the Port Angeles Serenity House Shelter.  We’ll be filming the experience, which will be outside of work for all of us.  We’ll have a video edited next year that will show you how it went.  A key part of this experience will be documenting the journey from Sequim to PA and back.

-    Second to Last MRSC Board Meeting – I’ll be attending my second to last MRSC Board Meeting next week.  I have one more in March.

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Charlie Bush

City Manager