November 2019

For week ending november 1


Here are this week’s items:

Council Follow-Through

-    Council Kitchen – Per discussion on Monday night, we are making plans to complete work on the Council kitchen this winter.

-    Mariner’s Outlook Streets – We had our first meeting with residents and stakeholders of the Mariner’s Outlook area to discuss street ownership last Friday.  City Attorney Kristina Nelson-Gross is taking the lead with this project.  We are receiving coaching support from the Kettering Foundation regarding the process we are using.  The City’s GREASE Team is providing facilitation.  The potential developer of Phase III, the Phase I Homeowner’s Association (HOA), many property owners, and city staff subject matter experts attended the meeting.  The first meeting invited participants to engage in naming the issues and values at play and it went well.  The next meeting will get deeper into values and is planned for December.  The goal, likely through meeting 3, is to discuss and prioritize options for your consideration.  A letter received after the event from Dave Munro, the President of the Phase I HOA, is attached.

-    Sequim Health and Housing Collaborative (SHHC) – The SHHC has an organization building workshop scheduled for tomorrow that city staff, and Councilor Armacost as your liaison, will be attending.  Three-year funding contracts for the SHHC are planned for your consideration on the 11/12 Council agenda.

-    Public Comment Follow-Up – We are beginning to implement a new system that will be similar to what we do for Coffee with the Mayor.  We will be logging our follow-up with those who speak at City Council public comment and have questions or requests that are actionable by staff.  We won’t be able to follow-up, other than acknowledgement, on policy questions posed to the Council as staff cannot answer those questions.  We also will not be able to follow-up, other than acknowledgement, with people who use the public comment section to speak an opinion without a request for action.  We are planning to post a log on our website a few weeks after each Council meeting that provides information about follow-up for the people who spoke.  In some cases where we have repeat speakers on the same issue, we will be batching the follow-up.  We’ll advertise this system more as we get it implemented.  We won’t be fully implemented until we have our new City Clerk onboard.  We are planning a first quarter briefing with you on the new system to check in regarding its performance.

Related Items

-    Public Works Kudos – Congratulations go to George Priest on completing his Cross Control Specialist and Water Distribution Manager 1 examinations.  Congratulations are also in order for Michael Latimer, Thomas Rossi, and Nathan Dailing for passing their Commercial Drivers’ License exams this week.

-    More Praise for Public Works – Thanks go to crew members, including Ryan Loghry, Moses McDonald, Gary Meyer, and anyone else involved for their work on runoff water issues at the end of Amethyst Drive.  A citizen email we received is attached.


Charlie Bush

City Manager