January 2020

For week ending January 24

No report this week due to the holiday and extended meetings.

for week ending january 17

No report this week.  City Manager was out of the office.

For Week Ending January 10


Here are this week’s items:

Council Direction

-    House Bill 1406 Collaboration – Charisse will be attending the Clallam County Commission’s Work Session on House Bill 1406 on Monday morning to represent Sequim.  She is mainly there to listen to a discussion about how 1406 funds from across the region (we expect about $30,000 per year for Sequim) could be combined regionally, potentially on a project.  As needed, she will update the Commission on the status of our study, recommendations, and 1406 implementation.  We’ve passed the required resolution of intent to receive 1406 funds from the State but not the required ordinance.  We have until July to take that step.  We will provide more information to you regarding what we learn at the Commission Work Session.  It sounds like the County is looking to convene a work group on this topic led by Commissioner Randy Johnson.  If work group formation is what is happening, we’ll be asking as a first option if the Council wants to appoint a Councilor to represent the City.  Sending a staff member representative would be our second option.  Either way, the representative will need direction from the Council regarding how you want us to engage, or not, in such a process.  Any final decisions regarding regional participation would come back to the full Sequim Council.

-    John Wayne Marina – We met with Port staff this week and learned that they are planning additional public outreach regarding the responses they received to their Request for Information on John Wayne Marina.  They are also planning facilitated meetings with “the partners” (Wayne Enterprises, City of Sequim, Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe).  We let them know that we will be talking with you on Monday and that we’ll share with them whatever direction we receive from you regarding our continued participation in their process.  Please see the agenda bill on this topic for Monday’s meeting for more details.

Council Follow-Through                                                                                                

-    Sequim Recycling Flyer – The attached flyer was mailed out at the end of December in utility bills as a part of our Council goal to reduce recyclables going to the landfill.  Corresponding fridge magnets are also available at our front counter for pick up.  This topic will be mentioned in the January newsletter as well.  Materials are available on our website here: https://www.sequimwa.gov/323/Waste-Disposal.  This project got delayed last year due to a delay in the State issuing their recycling guidelines for the Recycle Right Campaign.  This work was done in response to a 2018-2019 Council goal.

-    City of Sequim vs. Port Angeles For Hire Vehicle Codes – There was a question during the fall about how our code compares to Port Angeles’ code.  Port Angeles received media coverage of rideshare programs moving into their city.  In short, our code is similar to their code for encouraging rideshare programs to do business in the city.  A comparison is attached.

Related Items

-    Hank Arnold Delivers Exceptional Customer Service – Public Works Department employee Hank Arnold recently spotted an elderly male resident walking alone on the street.  The man was cold in the early morning 28-degree weather and stated that he was locked out of his house.  Hank notified the Police Department, provided the man with hand warmers, and waited with the gentleman until the Police Department arrived to assist.  Hank’s actions are a great example of the deep level of caring and commitment our employees demonstrate daily.  Great job Hank!

-    Bussing of Homeless Persons to Sequim – We’ve heard a number of reports on this topic recently so I asked the Police Department to look into whether there is evidence of this happening on a significant scale.  Sergeant Madison’s report is attached.

-    EDC Annual Dinner – I will be attending this event tomorrow night.

-    Chamber of Commerce Board Meeting – I attended the Chamber Board meeting this morning.

-    Planning Calendar - Was attached


Charlie Bush

City Manager