February 2021

Week Ending February 26

Good Afternoon Council,

I enjoy an alliteration every now and again so instead of the Weekly Report, I’ve updated the name to the Sequim Snapshot. I’ll attempt this update once a week on a Thursday or Friday to keep you informed of the latest activity.


A couple of Councilors asked about affordable and work force housing this week. I will provide a more comprehensive response to all of Council concerning this topic after touching base with the Department of Community Development (DCD). For now, the Housing Chapter of the 2015 – 2035 Comprehensive Plan discusses the need for different housing types in Sequim. The Comprehensive Plan includes public involvement and is the City’s vision for growth and development. Here is a link to the Comprehensive Plan: https://www.sequimwa.gov/259/Comprehensive-Plan-2015-2035

In 2018, Beckwith Consulting Group and ED Hovee & Company worked with the DCD to complete the City of Sequim Affordable Housing Action Plan. That document is attached. Council also formed an Ad Hoc Housing Committee which included William. DCD can help clarify the purpose and outcomes of those discussions and the code that has made it to Council since then. That will be in a different update. I wanted to get you a copy of that Affordable Housing Action Plan as a starting place.


I sat in with Tom on the Coffee with the Mayor at KSQM on February 25th. Attached are the prepared questions we received. We also received Public Works questions.

    Will there be pedestrian crossings on Sequim Avenue south of the Port Williams Road intersection where the new development is occurring? There will be east/west pedestrian crossings on Sequim Avenue where new entry point are created. 

    When will the 2nd access point will be added to the development on the SEC of Hendrickson and 9th? It will be added with the next phase of development.

There were other questions relating to the MAT, a bloodbath with Council cleaning house and getting rid of Staff. Tom and I responded to the MAT Clinic question letting folks know that there is an action plan that the operators must follow. Tom responded to the bloodbath question letting the audience know that he is one in seven but that isn’t the intent as he sees it. 

Barbara Hanna is out of the office today but she will post the recording on the Coffee with the Mayor page next week at: https://www.sequimwa.gov/600/Coffee-with-the-Mayor.


In the summer of 2020, the Sequim City Council passed a resolution condemning discrimination and racism and directed City staff to work with the community on conversations around this topic.  Staff volunteers and community member volunteers have been working since August to develop a plan to engage the Sequim community.

The Equity and Inclusion Community Conversations Design Committee (Design Committee) has adopted and adapted a presentation first shared with us by Roberto Montoya the Western Regional Director of the Government Alliance for Race and Equity (GARE) of which the City of Sequim is a member.  Roberto had originally offered to facilitate a couple of our initial community conversations, but unfortunately, due to broader responsibilities is unable to do so.  The Design Committee regrouped and determined that they liked the content of the presentation and have enough facilitation experience on the team to hold the initial conversations themselves.  Community members Miriame Cherbib, Vicki Lowe, and Carlos Osorio have offered to facilitate the initial meetings with support from the rest of the committee.  Sequim IT Manager Anthony Martin will serve as producer for the meetings, which are scheduled for Saturday, March 20 at 10:00 a.m. and Tuesday, March 23 at 6:00 p.m. via Zoom.

The bulk of the conversation content is four questions:

•           How do we create an even more inclusive City?

•           What do you envision for our City in 20 years related to inclusion?

•           How do you feel Sequim is doing as it related to equity?

•           How does our community want to be involved in this work?

The Design Committee likes these questions because they are aspirational.  The Design Committee feels that feedback from the community on these questions will help to guide next steps for the community.

A draft of the full presentation is attached.  Added will be a couple of bullet points about the facilitators and a slide that will explain how the mechanics of the meeting will work.  This is still being finalized.  The presentation was shared with the Anti-Racism Steering Committee on Wednesday, February 24.  The Design Committee would like to start marketing the Community Conversations in early March.  If you have any feedback or questions, please contact Communications and Marketing Director Barbara Hanna.


Rachel Anderson met with Staff today to receive her tour of the Civic Center, meet with a few Staff and receive her equipment, email and phone number.


Clallam County is still leading the state in overall population vaccinated and that 27% of the total population in the County have received at least their first dose of vaccination. Here is a link to the Clallam County coronavirus page: http://www.clallam.net/coronavirus/.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. I’ll continue to reach out and schedule our one-on-one meetings but please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you may have.


Charisse Deschenes