June 2021

week ending june 11

Good Morning Council,

I sent out some specific emails to you this week and don’t have a lot to share for the Snapshot this week. I’ll send one out next week and focus a little more on Department report outs. Here are a few things to note:

    An FYI that Coffee with the Mayor is on hiatus for the summer. William is evaluating the return to in-person meetings. 

    Parks Master Plan survey results were sent out to you and to the PARB this morning.

    Civic Center is open for regular business starting on June 14. 

    There are more restrictions placed on Open Public Meetings and I will share an email from the team working through the planning of in-person meetings. We anticipate a change in the Governor’s orders in July and my recommendation is that we wait to make the change to in-person meetings. While it is possible to hold in-person meetings now, it isn’t without a heavy hit to expense, time and resources. There are many variables at play and our meetings will not be as easily experienced by the participants and public. While we wait, we are working on production upgrades in the Council Chambers. 

I hope you all enjoy your weekend. 


Charisse Deschenes

Interim City Manager

week ending june 4 

Good Morning Council and Student Liaisons,

 June 5, 2021, Volume 12 of the Sequim Snapshot is below. Please let me know if there is a topic of interest that you would like to see in the Snapshot. 

 Note that anything below in blue is a link.


City Clerk McMillon sent out an invite to let you know that the AWC Annual Conference will be held online from June 22-25. Please let her know if you would like to attend. For more information see the bulleted links below:

 Conference Home Page

 The cost per Councilor is $100, which is far less than it would be if it was an in-person event, so contact Clerk McMillon know if you want to attend. She will sign you up! 

 Clerk McMillon is also checking with AWC to see when the Municipal Excellence Award will be discussed at the conference. She will provide you more information once she hears back.


May was Bike Everywhere month and this year we had ten participants. The Team completed group rides on Thursday nights and combined they rode nearly 1,000 miles. They enjoyed the rides so much that they will continue to ride through the summer.  


The region continues to focus on the lack of childcare to serve the North Olympic Peninsula. I will be participating in discussions with providers next week.


Follow the latest Clallam County Coronavirus Updates. As of June 4, Clallam County currently sits at 52.24% of the population receiving at least the first dose and 47.78% are fully vaccinated.  

 You have been updated and a press release will be sent out the week of June 6 regarding the City’s next steps.


The City is currently hiring for:

  • Police Officer in the Police Department. This position is open until filled.
  • Associate Engineer, Project Engineer and Engineering Project Manager: These positions are open until filled. First review of applications will be June 11, 2021. 
  • City Engineer: This positions are open until filled. First review of applications will be July 9, 2021.

 Note: There are two vacancies in Public Works Engineering. The positions will be filled with a combination of the open positions. 


Projects that are currently under review by the Planning Division can be found on the Current Development webpage. 

 If you would like to track types of permits issued see the Monthly Building Permit Reports. These reports feature the issued building permits. Current building permits under review will not show up in this report until they are issued.

 Year to Date Construction Activity Data Reports show total permit activity, type of construction, if it is new or a remodel and the breakdown of fees paid. 


You often receive press releases about the latest news and alerts. We also post them on the website on the City of Sequim News & Alerts page. 

 There is also a webpage dedicated for current and past City Manager Weekly Updates and the Sequim Snapshot.


The Parks, Arbor and Recreation Survey for the Parks Master Plan Update closed on Friday, May 28.  There were 380 responses to the mailed survey that was sent to 2000 addresses in the City on a random basis (incl. apartments & PO boxes). We received another 104 responses to the on-line version of the survey. Steve Duh, consultant with Conservation Technix will be preparing the results memo for us to review. The random samples from the citizens will be evaluated separately from the on-line version. 

 We anticipate that the memo and results will be presented to the Parks, Arbor and Recreation Board at their June 21 meeting. 

 We are expecting to bring an update to City Council from Conservation Technix in July.


Police Chief Crain and City Attorney Nelson-Gross attended Friday morning Rotary this week and participated in a panel discussion with members of SHHC concerning the collaborative and the resources they provide to the community. 

 We are aiming to bring the SHHC mid-year report to you in July.


Monday, June 14, 2021

 Thank you and please reach out if you have questions or concerns.

 Charisse Deschenes

Interim City Manager