Enroll in Project Lifesaver Today

Prepare To Fill Out the Application:

The application is a lengthy form (approximately 16 pages) requiring detailed medical and patient information.  This information is VITAL when trying to locate a lost participant.

We suggest you have the following information in front of you before you begin the application process (this is not a complete list of required data - only general areas covered on the application):

  • Primary and Secondary Caregiver Information (Name, Contact Information)
  • Additional Family Members/Caregivers (includes all family members in residence)
  • Participant Information: (examples)
    • History of Wandering
    • At Risk Behaviors
    • Communication skills (Reading, Writing, Sign, Hearing Aids)
    • Health and Physiological Conditions (Overall Health, Medications, Primary Physician, Specialists)
    • Personality/Habits (Tabacco Use, Alcohol Use, Identifying Marks, Valued Items, Unusual Reactions)
    • Experiences/Training (Outdoor Classes, Military Experience, Swimming Skills)
    • Additional Contact Information (Family and Friends)
    • Any Other Information You Feel is important

NOTE: Please email any application questions to tbanning@sequimwa.gov and include "Project Lifesaver Question" in the subject line.

Photograph Requirement

To further assist with locating the Participant if lost, a recent photograph is required. You have two options:

  • Take a photo (digital preferred) and bring it when you drop off your application at the Police Department, OR
  • Schedule a time to bring the Participant to Sheriff's Office, and we will take the picture for you. 


The Project Lifesaver Application is offered in PDF format.

We suggest the following to expedite the process:

  1. Gather all suggested information suggested above.
  2. Download the Application (PDF) and Contract (PDF) to your computer in an easy to find location. 
  3. Open and review the application for any additional questions or facts needed.
  4. Locate any additional information needed.
  5. Print and complete the application and contract.
  6. Drop off the completed application to the Police Department 
    1. After the application has been submitted, a Project Lifesaver team member will contact you. 
    2. If an applicant meets all of the requirements of the program, the client will be scheduled for an appointment to become enrolled in the Sequim Police Department's Project Lifesaver Program. 
    3. If you need a bracelet immediately, please contact the Department for assistance.

NOTE: If you type on the application on your computer, print before closing it.  When it is closed, all your typed information will be lost.


New participants and caregivers will meet with a Sequim Police Department VIPS (Volunteer in Police Service) to complete the application process and have the transmitter assigned.

Please call the Sequim Police Department at (360) 683-7227 with questions.