Graffiti has a negative impact on communities and sends an unwelcoming message to visitors. Graffiti can also be called “tagging” or “art” but is an eyesore and a crime. It can also lead to other uninvited acts such as littering and vandalism. The key to graffiti prevention is the combination of community involvement and law enforcement action.

The City of Sequim has a zero tolerance policy for graffiti vandalism and aggressively works towards prosecuting graffiti vandals. Graffiti or “tagging” usually occurs in the dark when the taggers are rarely seen, but their crime is left in the open for all to see. Immediate removal, usually within the first 24 hours, shows that the victim location is less likely to be the target of continued vandalism.

Code Compliance notifies property owners of violations and works with them on the removal of graffiti as quickly as possible to deter further problems.

Some prevention tips:

Remove graffiti as soon as possible – it is easiest within the first 24 hours

Keep property well lit and in low traffic areas install motion activating lights.

Keep your property neat and clean – Neglected areas often attract more vandalism

If you witness an act of graffiti, immediately contact the police department at (360) 683-7227.