As member and president of the Sequim Chamber of Commerce, Joseph Keeler was active in pushing for incorporation. By 1913 citizens were ready to petition for incorporation. The act, which was approved by a vote of 90 to 55, established a Fourth Class Town. Articles of Incorporation were filed with the Secretary of State's office on October 31, 1913.

The town consisted of 440 acres, one mile north and south and three quarters of a mile east and west. A plat of eight city blocks extended along Sequim-Dungeness Way to Fir Street. The town began a pattern of growth, annexing more and more of the surrounding rural land, a pattern still being followed today. City Hall was built on Cedar Street near the post office within a year.

Jilson White, a local salesman, was elected as the first mayor. A Town Council was composed of five men. They set to work enacting ordinances regulating stores and businesses and providing for public safety. Over the course of the next fifty years, almost every businessman in town who was interested in a political office served on the Town Council.

In 1971 voters did away with the Town caucus and it was decided that candidates for mayor and council would file at the County Auditor's Office and stand as candidates in the primary election, as well as in the general election in November.

In 1973 the Town of Sequim came to an end when voters moved to advance to the classification of City. This meant a Council of seven and election of all officers -- mayor, council, treasurer, clerk and attorney. In 1995 voters spoke again and the City adopted the City Manager form of government. Citizens elected the Council, which in turn hired a professional City Manager, and elected one of its members as Mayor.