What’s my zoning designation and why does it matter?

The zoning designation of your property determines how, where, and to what extent you can develop your property in the City of Sequim. Zoning regulations describe the types of uses that are allowed on your property (residential, commercial, industrial, etc.) and provide standards relating to building size, layout and location, in addition to design standards related to vehicular access (parking, circulation) landscaping (street trees, buffers), pedestrian access (sidewalks), and other features that ensure that property is developed in a way that is safe, functional, efficient, and in harmony with the surrounding community.  

To determine the zoning designation of your property, find your parcel on the City of Sequim Zoning Map. This is the current zoning map that was adopted by the Sequim City Council.  If you zoom in on the map you can determine your zoning district, based on the color-coded legend on the right side of the page.  

Regulations that apply to the zone your parcel is located in can be found in Chapters 18.20 and 18.33 of the Sequim Municipal Code (SMC). 

Definitions for terms that are used in zone tables 18.20.040 through 18.20.150 can be found here.

Follow this link to maps showing City Limits, Parks, and more.