Business Retention and Development

Encourage Business Retention and New Development

Encourage the retention of the unique and small businesses that lend character to our City and are an attraction while supporting new development and infill development of regional retail shopping centers, light industrial, and research and development businesses that help create a diverse economy in Sequim.

The continued support of the City’s regional retail shopping centers while working to maintain Downtown as a vibrant activity center for the City is critical to the financial health of the City. Sequim has become an important regional retail center for Clallam County, providing a convenient retail resource for Sequim residents and the entire Olympic Peninsula. The financial benefit of the retail base became apparent once the City’s west end became developed and the large national retailers started to serve as large contributors to the City’s General Fund by means of Sales Tax collection. The Sales Tax Revenue collected in 2003 was $975,000 and in 2013 it was $2,253,000. This increase over the last decade has helped fund additional improvements to the City and continues to be a vital asset to the City of Sequim. Currently there are existing vacant lands in the City’s west end and vacant properties in the east end which have the potential to be developed with similar national retailers, light industrial businesses, and research and development organizations.