Functions & Goals

To be good stewards of the resources in our care, we have both a short-term operational focus and a long-term planning focus. The accounting staff uses standard accounting practices and procedures to ensure that all transactions are properly authorized and recorded, and assets are properly safeguarded, managed, and accounted for.

The finance staff focuses on financial policies, analysis, and long-range financial planning to effectively manage the city’s financial resources and preserve the city’s long-term financial health.

External Services

  • Administering utility (Business and Occupation) tax on utility businesses (telephone, electric, garbage, water, and sewer)
  • Cashiering and receipting of taxes and fees
  • Coordinating business license applications, renewals, and approvals
  • Greeting the public and responding to community information requests
  • Managing banking services
  • Preparing fee ordinance for utility rates, user charges, impact fees, etc.
  • Preparing insurance endorsements
  • Preparing monthly water and sewer utility billing to about 2,600 customers
  • Preparing payments for services, including debt services and compliance to bond covenants
  • Processing property damage or general liability insurance claims

Internal Services

  • Coordinating activities that cross department lines
  • Coordinating annual and special audits
  • Investing city’s reserves according to strict requirements
  • Managing grant applications and reporting
  • Managing the overall financial condition of the city
  • Preparing cost allocations plans
  • Preparing the annual budget
  • Preparing the annual report
  • Preparing the financial policies report
  • Preparing the long-range financial plan
  • Preparing the quarterly financial statement analysis
  • Providing general accounting services
  • Providing support services (processing and distributing mail, ordering office supplies, etc.)
  • Reporting and analyzing to help operating departments achieve their objectives
  • Reviewing City Council agenda items and other documents for fiscal impacts