City Council Youth Liaison Program


Youth Liaisons act as a vital bridge between the Sequim City Council and the youth in our community. Though nonvoting advisory members, they represent the interests and perspectives of youth and contribute valuable insights and recommendations to Council discussions. The Liaisons facilitate a two-way flow of information, keeping the Council apprised of youth-related events and concerns while encouraging active engagement of youth in local governance. By fostering communication, educational outreach, and a sense of civic responsibility, Youth Liaisons play a crucial role in strengthening the connection between the City Council and the younger generation, ensuring their voices are heard in civic matters

On September 26, 2022, the City Council approved Resolution 2022-013 establishing an updated Youth Liaison Program. Each year, City Staff work with Sequim High School staff to help recruit youth applicants interested in applying for the program.

Qualifications and Appointment 

Applicants can be public or home-schooled students and must reside within the Sequim School District boundary. Applicants must be the equivalent grade level of a high school junior or senior. 

Students wishing to serve shall apply by completing the Sequim City Council Youth Liaison Application. The Council will review applications,  conduct interviews, and select candidates for appointment. Appointment will be subject to City Council majority approval. Up to two youth liaisons may be appointed to serve at any time.

Term of Office

The youth liaison term on the City Council shall run consistent with the school year term, typically September through June. Due to varying schedules and timing, it is understood that youth liaisons may be appointed at any point during the prescribed term. Youth liaisons may have the opportunity to serve for a total of two terms, provided they remain a high-school level student, reapply for a second term, and are reappointed by the City Council.  


Youth Liaisons will:

  • Serve as a nonvoting, advisory ex-officio representative on the Sequim City Council.
  • Serve as a liaison between the City Council and the high school on matters related to youth in the community.
  • Be seated with the City Council during their meetings and encouraged to participate in discussions on issues before the Council. 
  • Comply with all the provisions in the City Council Rules of Procedure.
  • Sign the Code of Conduct and complete any required training.
  • Attend each City Council Meeting, either in person or remotely, and/or provide advanced notice of their absence and intention to be excused. 
  • Use a standing City Council Agenda opportunity to provide comments concerning activities and events at the high school or items of interest to the youth of the community. 
  • Be encouraged to participate in Public Hearings to the same extent and fashion as members of the public, particularly on topics directly related to the interests or activities of youth in the community.
  • Not cast a vote on any motions before City Council. 
  • Not attend Executive Sessions or Closed Sessions of City Council.
  • Use a City-provided email address for communication with the City Staff and Council members and commit to receiving and responding to emails and phone calls. 
  • Commit to not using text messaging for any City-related business. 
  • Encourage youth in the community to provide public comments to the City Council on matters of interest to them.   
  • Keep their respective student bodies and local community apprised of issues of interest to community youth and collect broad-based opinions on those issues to be brought back and shared with City Council. 
  • Provide a report to Council with updates from local youth organizations regarding events and activities, i.e., school-related, Boys and Girls Club, Scouting organizations, FFA, Skate Park, etc.

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