Community Plaza

Community Plaza

Bordering the Civic Center on Sequim Avenue is the Community Plaza. The plaza was designed to be a gathering place and to host community activities. Visitors are encouraged to explore the plaza and discover it's treasures.

Totem Pole

Towering 30' high in the Northwest corner of the plaza is the magnificent totem pole donated by the Jamestown S'Klallam Tribe, and depicting the story of "Why the Sun Always Shines in Sequim."

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Totem Pole

911 Memorial

The 911 Memorial is integrated into the flag pole structure and features an 843 pound sheet metal from the fallen World Trade Center in New York City, which was destroyed on September 11, 2001. The artifact was retrieved in 2011 by Police Chief Bill Dickinson, Sergeant Darrell Nelson, and Officer Randy Kellas and was stored by the Police Department for four years in anticipation of incorporation into the new facility.

WTC artifact.jpg

Plaza Words

Descriptive words depicting the characteristics of the City, the Sequim-Dungeness Valley, and the people who live here, are embedded in to the floor of the plaza.

Men Working on Plaza Letters

Plaza Donations

Members of the Sequim Community made donations for benches, trees and tree grates, and pavers to support the Community Plaza project and to be included in this significant part of Sequim's history.

Tree & Tree Grate Sponsors

  • Debby Smith
  • Henry Jones

Bench Sponsors

  • Doug Wright
  • Eckart Mildenstein & Ryoko Toyama
  • Sharon Westrem
  • Bob & Judy Richey
  • Jim Tallman
  • KSQM FM Radio

Over 120 members of the community sponsored brick pavers that are incorporated into the floor of the community plaza.