Bell Creek Discovery Tour

Tour Details

The Bell Creek Discovery Tour is a driving/walking tour with 10 educational stops along the stream from its headwaters in Happy Valley to the creek mouth at Washington Harbor near Sequim Bay. And-bonus stop Number 11 downtown! (The "Virtual Tour" can be done just by downloading the Tour app to your computer.)

How to take the tour:

  • From a smart phone or your desktop computer: Open the Tour app
  • Or do the tour on foot, bike, or car with a Tour Sheet (PDF). Open and print, or pick one up at City Hall, 152 W Cedar St.
  • Follow written directions on the Tour Sheet (or on the App) and visit each site. Read the Fun Fact to answer the "really tough questions" and learn something new! (Look for Fun Facts posted on “Bell Creek” signs at tour stops.)
  • Answer questions on your sheet or post answers (and selfies!) on the Tour's Facebook page
  • For more information please contact Ann Soule: 360-582-2436 or email Ann Soule
Woman at Bell Creek


SHS "Be the Change" club field trip, Winter 2015

Students in the "Be the Change" club at Sequim High School (winter-spring 2015) wanted a project that could make a difference in their local community and agreed to collaborate with City of Sequim in raising awareness about Bell Creek.

After going on a field trip to scope out potential tour stops, the students developed the "Fun Facts" for each stop, started the Facebook page, and will continue to help market the Tour on social media.

Always full of energy, "Be the Change" club members continue to bring fresh perspective and enthusiasm to this project!

Be the Change field trip group

Huge thanks to volunteers Peggy McClure and Mark Williams for their generous support of this project and especially in getting the Tour App together in ArcGIS Online. Peggy and Mark became involved during their Citizen Action Training School (CATS) class through North Olympic Salmon Coalition (NOSC). CATS is a civic engagement and watershed and marine ecology program dedicated to training future community leaders to support Puget Sound recovery efforts both locally and regionally. Visit Citizen Action Training School for more information.

Earlier, Mark developed "Sequim's Water Cycle: A Story Map" - a virtual tour of all things water in Sequim covering the irrigation system, groundwater and stormwater as well as creeks.

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