Letter of Support Request

Occasions For Letters of Support

City Letters of Support are issued when the City Council wishes to demonstrate support for an issue or item that impacts the City of Sequim or our region. Often these letters are addressed to Washington State lawmakers as they consider policy and budget decisions:

Letter of Support Content

Proposed Letters of Support must be timely and have a citywide significance or otherwise demonstrate relevancy to Sequim.

Requesting A Letter of Support

To request a signed Letter of Support, submit a completed Request to Issue City of Sequim Letter of Support (PDF) to clerk@sequimwa.gov at least three weeks in advance of the requested date you need the letter.

To be considered, your request MUST be completed in full and include an attached draft letter which the City may modify in its discretion. Incomplete requests will be rejected. 


Requests to Issue Letters of Support are reviewed by city staff and the Mayor. If the Clerk's Office receives the Request at least three weeks before a Council meeting, staff will forward it to the Mayor and City Manager to decide whether to include it on an upcoming City Council Consent Agenda for consideration by the full Council. The City Council may choose to revise the draft letter, approve it as written, or reject the request. The requester is encouraged to attend the meeting and be available for comment. 

Letters of Support approved by Council will be circulated for signature by the Clerk’s Office and emailed to the requester, who is responsible for ensuring its delivery to the intended recipient. The Clerk’s Office will inform the requester if any proposed Letter of Support is not approved by Council

Expedited Letters of Support: City Council wishes to remain flexible to allow for instances when letters may need to be signed with expediency. Council will consider Letters of Support to be eligible for expedited consideration if they do not request budget or resource allocations and are in alignment with the City Council’s legislative agenda. Requests for expedited Letters of Support will be handled on a case-by-case basis. 

If you have any questions, please contact the City Clerk's Office at clerk@sequimwa.gov or at 360-681-3428.